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[CLOSED] Latest Beta Program!

Hey all!

It’s that time… time for our Beta to return! We are making further improvements to this process, and working with our testers to refine it as we move forward. The beta will still take place on Discord, but instead of taking applications via the forums, we have a shiny new email to send them too!

Please answer the following questions in your email application. As we typically receive a lot of applications, please keep your answers brief and to the point.

  • Your invite code! Please makes sure to include this in your email.
  • How long have you been playing the game?
  • What are your favourite game modes?
  • Do you speak any additional languages?
  • What device/s do you play on?
  • What do you think makes you a good fit for the beta?

We will receive applications over the next week, and then choose our testers. We want to make sure there are some fresh testers with each update, and some old testers may be invited to participate again. We will review all applications sent and over the next week contact those that have been chosen. We will endeavour to reply to everyone, whether accepted or not, but if you don’t hear back we apologise and you haven’t been chosen for this round of the beta program. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Please be aware that at this time the beta is only open to Steam players.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Huray a new beta … Well that’s what I normally would say but …
Wouldn’t it be better if you devs took a few bugs out of the game before introducing possible new bugs?
Also it is rather odd that when there is some “unintended” advantage to the players (yes referring to gnome-a-palooza) a “solution” is introduced within hours, but if it’s something that is bugging the players it takes forever due to “all sorts of difficulties”(and other excuses) and here I’m referring to this retched color potion bug that takes the first turn away from the player which in turn costed me a fight in guild war today …


@WWDiver the first turn issue was fixed. Is it not fixed at all instances?

It’s definitely not fixed in all instances.

And even a reversed-board based on a timer (which seems to be their intended implementation) isn’t a good “solution” to the issue, because they’ll never be able to delay long enough without slowing every battle down a lot — this is why a double potion trigger seems to trigger the bug more often than a single potion, triple basically guarantees it, etc…


@Jeto 1. By the way, the psychology of calling for an expression of interest then later sending an invitation to join the program is more appealing than calling to apply and be chosen/turn down to join the program. This is not a job. You don’t turn down any player. All the players who expressed their interest should be in the pool (meaning you can use it again and again until they tell you they’re not interested to join anymore) 2. What’s in it for the players?

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Definitely not fixed.

Nothing. From what I can tell, beta testers are unpaid QA. Feedback they provide, like GAP looping, gets ignored. Obviously not all feedback is good or worth actioning on, but considering the two nerfs… :woman_shrugging:


Who the heck told you that??
I keep getting comments about from my guildies every day, so NO IT AIN’T FIXED!!!

You get to see new stuff before the general public :slight_smile:

You might get some useful information ahead of everyone else - example, if you saw GAP in beta, you might know to stop spending $$$ on vault keys :joy:

Other than that, not much. The beta is for the devs to see how users will use new features and hear what they think about them.

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What I would like from this next round of beta testers:

  1. They are allowed enough time to test the next set of Heroic gems and be able to spot any bugs that may be caused by them.

  2. Devs can deal with this feedback and fix any problems before the update is released to all players. Rather than having to fix stuff at a much later date.

So far, there have been issues with Lycanthropy and Potion gems (the latter still not fixed,) would be great if the beta program could avoid this the next time :pray:

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Lycan is still broken too actually with some troops like Gray King. Granted that’s a minor bug but still.

I think if GAP was released as it is right now, people would have loved it. Definitely hope additional time is added to be able to action on the tester’s feedback.

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Hey all!

We have actioned some bug fixes, as well as some feedback (in Quality of Life feedback) within the next update coming. As well as ongoing updates.

In regards to the BETA itself, we keep the testing pool of players smaller, so we are able take on board and respond to all the feedback and reports they pass on. We do also consider anyone we can’t have in this round of BETA testing for future testing.
Unfortunately as much as we would love to have a whole squad of passionate players in to test out the new content that is on the way, if we keep the group smaller then we are able to share out time more effectively.
Also taking on all feedback from tester’s past and present, to better the whole beta testing process on both sides. Continuously trying to improve it!

I can pass on the feedback that maybe we should look into how our BETA Testers post is worded, for future updates.

Also on top of this, we have expanded our Customer Experience Team, obviously myself being included in this. To try and better the communication and information shared between players and the development team, across Forums, Socials and tickets.
Definitely appreciate everyone patience and welcoming us in to the community.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Thanks @Jeto

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It’s been a delight having you around! Communication has improved. :hugs:


Yeah, it is nice to have @Jeto around.

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:sparkles:Thank you to all who emailed through! :sparkles:

Submissions to join the upcoming BETA is now closed.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2: