[CLOSED] Join Gemocide today! Min reqs: 100k / 1000s / GW / Raid / Invasion / Doom / Discord

Gemocide is currently ranked #124. We are looking to fill 1 spot. Prefer level 300+ players. We are a mostly casual guild with a slight competitiveness. We pride ourselves on being a family where we help each other out to the best of our abilities. We hit 40k seals each week. All tasks complete with Legendary Tasks as well.

We all have lives. While we encourage everyone to be active as often as possible, we understand the need to step away from the game at times. Gemocide offers a very casual sister guild where you can step down to if you need a break (space permitting).

Our requirements:

100,000 gold weekly
1000 seals weekly
25 GW battles without skipping a guild (prefer all 30 battles)
Participation in Raids, Invasions, and all other guild events.
Discord communication - For communication of guild announcements, general guild chatter, to congratulate other guildmates on finding a nice troop, or to strategize team building.

If you are interested in joining or have questions, please join our discord server Gemocide or DM Solar#9449


I’m interested in your guild. I am currently level 932, I usually contribute 200k gold, I get 1500 seals most weeks, all my kingdoms are levelled but I’m not really crazy about PVP so my trophy numbers aren’t that great. I also do all guild wars, but sometimes I’m so tired after work that they aren’t done on the same day. I also do raids and pets and other requirements. Let me know if your interested. My invite code is AMIEE

@amiee If you could, please join our discord link in the post above and we can discuss more.