[Closed - guild found]


I can offer:

  • 550k gold/week
  • At the very very least I can offer 100, but I can easily reach 200. I can do more on occasion, but being required/expected more is a no-no for me.
  • 1,500 (max) seals

What I’m looking for:

  • Similar donations by everyone. Doesn’t have to be that high, though. Of course the more tasks completed, the better. I can easily do my 1/30 part to complete all tasks, but I understand if it’s hard for everyone.
  • I don’t care one bit for trophies. If everyone collects 0 trophies, it’s still fine by me.
  • Min guild chest lv 5, but lv 6 at least on new Mythic week
  • Communications outside in-game chat, like Discord, is preferable.

Tell me more about your guild and I can check if I think it fits what I’m looking for.


Mako is an awesome guild member. He’ll be a great addition to any guild.

Good luck, Mako. :smiley_cat:


Hello there :smiley:
Would love to see you with us again :slight_smile:
We complete all quests every week. We get 40k seals every week (haven’t missed a week since the update). We do legendary tasks every first week of the month. So if you want to come back :slight_smile:


Sure, I’d like that! =)



Thank you for the kind words! :slight_smile:


Invite sent :slight_smile:


Best luck MakoSipper, ure a good player! :slight_smile: