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I’m looking to move on from my current guild this coming Sunday or Monday after i have completed my obligation to my current guild in this weeks guild war. I’m looking for a top 100 ranked guild.

I am currently Lvl 426, I play daily and always complete seals 1500 with in 1 or 2 days. I always complete daily guild war, max out all sentinels before guild war starts, I can minimally contribute 400k a week towards tasks, as far as trophies go i should be able to get 200 a week, to be honest i have never pushed myself as far as trophies go.

I’m a loyal player, not a big talker but more than willing to pull my weight as far as a guild mate.



If you don’t mind me asking , what guild are you currently in? You can always DM on discord me if you want.

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Is at Final Fantasy still have some free spots and looks like you’ll be a good fit :slightly_smiling_face:

Our Recruitment thread - Click Here :slight_smile:

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TUF Power Gems ranked 59 looking for active players.

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Celestial Peak is also recruiting. We also have a member leaving us at the end of this week.
We are currently ranked 46. GW bracket 3-4. We complete all tasks. Usually hits 40k seals. Have FB guild page and Discord. And our weekly min is set fairly low at 500 seals/100trophies/30 gw, but you’re free to perform more at your leisure of course :wink:

Please let me know if interested

The TUF is a 24/7 guild family that is global.
We can meet all your needs.

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@Bluefin504 If you join TUF: Power Gems, you’re part of TUF. (#5 TUF:Unrepentant, #47 TUF:Abaddon, #59 TUF:Power Gems, top 100 TUF:Purgatory) We have multiple guilds with different reqs so that even though your RL gets hectic you can just switch guilds and keep the same friends.

After a guild blowup (in bracket 1) and a month and a half being held hostage by an inactive GM, Power Gems got control of their guild back and joined TUF. While the guild has dropped many brackets as a result, we’re going to be rising up the brackets like a phoenix once the guild is full. Last week there were 9 on the roster. Now there are 19. We already have more people planning to come over after reset.

Hi, I have 2 spots open currently in dominant our requirements are 400k 300t. We complete many legendary tasks and do not require third party aps. If you think this is something your interested in please pm me.

Hey, I’d definitely recommend Celestial Peak (although I am biased :rofl:).
A great group of people who are active 24/7 on chat with a wealth of experience & knowledge to help you improve even more, we all need improvement right?
There are no needless kicks as you find in other guilds - I’ve been with them for over 350 levels now & play daily despite having a top end PS4 guild to run, so that should give you some idea of how they work & how good they are :+1:

We are in need of good solid daily players. We are currently 27th in league, and have several lower ranked players that cannot or keep up! Please let me know if you are interested and I can send you an invite you can pm me the invite code!Looking forward to hearing from you.