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[Closed]Chunky's Raiders: All Your Guild Are Belong to Us

We’re still hammering out the details. And our enemies. Nothing is certain, always in motion, the future is. But I believe it has a nice ring to it. Puddling tested, Chunky approved

Our old thread is still active. But for the Unfortunates who already muted that thread, I will re-post here.

And put the TL;DR here in the front: We’re in b7, down an Orc, and looking for assistance. Message me at GT Chunky mono for invite.

The Pale Orc said "Salty, your a fine girl, what a fine wife you’d be
But my love, my life, my lady’s Asari"

Welcome to the New “New”. Chunky’s Raiders has a plan for you!

As another Orc’s Slaughterfest event begins, we have openings that need fillings, and all are welcomed to join. Our Dental Plans are da best!

Always wanted to be in a top guild, but you’re too bored to climb that hill?

Plan A

420…That’s right, you give us 420 guild seals a week, and 420x100 points in a Slaughterfest event, and we’ll carry you the rest of the way.

Ever dream of exploring the Underworld, but Guild Reqs won’t let you float that bill?

Plan J

420…You read that right. Only 420g is required per week, so you can finance any and all Delve explorations you wish to complete.

For the opportunity of a lifetime, Raiders, Raiders, Raiders

Plan LT

Are you a boot LT, straight outta Orc Candidate School? Then chances are ya ain’t worth much more than a Legendary Task in this here game. But our excellent Training Team will help you advance to the rank of Lt. General in charge of Mayhem and Destruction in no time. You may enter with rusty old armor and ideas, but you’ll leave ready to crush yer enemies, no matter who they may be.

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Raider Detachment Zulu: After Action Report Day 1, Guild Champion chunky mono reporting. “Never Underestimate Goblins Getting Extra Turns”.

We’re not in b10 anymore, Shiala. If we’re lucky, we’ll stay in b7 long enough for our Warboss to rally the troops, and make another push onwards and upwards.

We, or should I say I, haven’t received as many qualified applicants as I would have hoped in recent days. Perhaps players don’t appreciate my self-defecating sense of humor. Stoopid auto correct, I meant self-deprecating.

We started a crusade vs the Devs last September when the Barbarian Class was delayed.

Perhaps now that the Sunspear Class has been nerfed, we shall start another one. Brown is my number 1 preferred mana color, but Red is a close number 2. And the Raider’s will not tolerate another nerfed Red Mana class.

(My alt’s stats. I raised my Blue to 40 before stopping.)

Wouldn’t making the Orbweaver Class similar to the Corsair make more sense? Oh, I forgot, Orbweaver is an Elf Class. As is the Monk. Can’t nerf Elveses. We’ll just have to bash 'em.

To join our crusade, message me, Chunky Mono, at GamerTag: chunky mono. For the Horde. :axe::rage::shield:

After Action Report, Bracket 7:

We lost again on Day 2, but rallied to win the final four days. We finished 2nd, but of course, this does not guarantee we’ll move up to Bracket 6. I just hope if we get jumped by multiple bracket winners, that they are deserving of such placement.

We are currently full, but have a few Goblin Skirmishers we could kick to make room for the right fit. (Any gobbo kicked would be offered the opportunity to trial by combat first. No gobbo has ever been kicked without good reason. Raider Detachment Zulu is a kinder, gentler Horde. But given the starting point, we’re still a bit on the Brute side.)

For the Horde.

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Guild Wars will soon be upon us. Chunky’s Raiders will conquer the world of Krystara, with the help of Zorn, and a few Raiders.

If you are an Orc looking for a new place to bury your warhammer, or are a known looter and pillager, of notoriously vicious and intemperate disposition, then let us help you find an Elf to bash. For the Horde. :axe::rage::shield:

GamerTag: chunky mono

GW Rank: 62
Trophies: 204
Dooms: 75 (previously 60, Delves got in the way)

You’ve got a great attitude Chunky. Respect.

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Thank you, respect to you as well.

Unfortunately for the rest of you, All Your Guild Are Not Belong to Us just yet, so these senseless GW Battles must continue a few months longer.

If our Goblin Skirmishers had not tucked tail and run, similar to the Colonial militia in Mel Gibson’s The Patriot. Or the Scottish “Nobles” in his Braveheart., we might have ended this war sooner rather than later. And yet, we shall endeavor to persevere.

New Skirmishers are needed. Join now to avoid the headbutts coming your way. Ending negotiations now. The next War begins in 23 days. You are on your prep time.