(Closed) 2 very active players looking for guild with min 1kk gold contribution


2 players 600lvl and 1100lvl looking for guild with min 1,000,000 gold contribution per week, active guild events and etc


Hey Solophobia, Rank 17, open spot available! 25+ LT’s weekly, 40k every week, Min LVL 500! Min REQS: 350K 350T 1500S GW battles, Participation in events! DM Strawn on discord @ Strawn#7589 if Interested


We need only 2 spots, thx


I can ask for a second spot if you interested


30 secs 2 match will have 2 spots open after reset. We’re rank#60 GW B3 40k seals & 15-20 LTs each week. Reqs are 500k, 1k seals & GW battles weekly. 2/3 of us donate 750k - 2m.

If you have GW B1-2 experience our sister guild Black Dragon will also have openings.

Check out our recruitment thread here then come visit our discord:



Marthos Guardians are looking for 2 players…



Join TUF! Unrepentant 1m/1300s/300t, or Power Gems 500k/1300s/150t ! http://discord/.gg/Zj9dVhz
Come check it out.


I have open spots. no min for gold contributions. very active team. we play on xbox


Thanks to all