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(Closed) 2 very active players looking for guild with min 1kk gold contribution

2 players 600lvl and 1100lvl looking for guild with min 1,000,000 gold contribution per week, active guild events and etc

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Hey Solophobia, Rank 17, open spot available! 25+ LT’s weekly, 40k every week, Min LVL 500! Min REQS: 350K 350T 1500S GW battles, Participation in events! DM Strawn on discord @ Strawn#7589 if Interested

We need only 2 spots, thx

I can ask for a second spot if you interested

30 secs 2 match will have 2 spots open after reset. We’re rank#60 GW B3 40k seals & 15-20 LTs each week. Reqs are 500k, 1k seals & GW battles weekly. 2/3 of us donate 750k - 2m.

If you have GW B1-2 experience our sister guild Black Dragon will also have openings.

Check out our recruitment thread here then come visit our discord:


Marthos Guardians are looking for 2 players…


Join TUF! Unrepentant 1m/1300s/300t, or Power Gems 500k/1300s/150t ! http://discord/.gg/Zj9dVhz
Come check it out.

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I have open spots. no min for gold contributions. very active team. we play on xbox

Thanks to all

Come join our guild we have few spot open. We are very active. Completed all event and many LTs, 40k deals.