Close encounters of the Maw kind

Alt title: Snatching victory from the (literal) jaws of defeat :relieved:


wtg @dhjl… whose was the mawtroll defence team? (not mine I hope)

With so many of them out there, I couldn’t possibly remember. :smirk:


Would you mind tell us the tale of this battle? @Cell started a thread on this kind of battles and we might want to hear out how the champion of last week’s event came this close to defeat (at least I do !) :wink:



I’m afraid there’s not much to say. Rather than ragequit after losing the other 3 troops
to devour during the course of battle, I pressed on and managed to eke out a win. :triumph:


You took out Maw and three other troops with just Mab?? Now, that is winning like a boss.


Uh no… Not quite. When I said during the course of battle, I meant that by the time
my team was down to Queen Mab, the enemy likewise had only their mega-Maw left.

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is there any chance that match was against 3 great maws and a mercy? If so I’m sorry, at about 3:30 am EST right before bed I saw that I had 3 Maws in my collection and I never use maw (not even to attack) but I lost 8 defense battles in the course of an hour and dropped a rank so I put the Troll team together (if I had a 4th maw it would’ve been there too)

Again if it was my team… I’m so sorry