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Climbing guild is looking for players(29/30)

Our guild is level 50-rank about 900(140%gold bonus) and climbing.
We are active and we would like to join better rank positions.
No gold/trophy/seals requirement but a constant contribution and daily play will be appreciated
Each actual player is donating weekly average 250k /1000 seals/300 trophies so the guild is improving quickly. 20000+ seals reached every week.
We are looking for 1 player to be full.
If you are interested please post below your invitation code

First of all you didn’t say on which platform you are playing.
Second you included almost no information about your guild in the title.
Check other guild recruitment topics and you’ll see how you can make a good one.

Not trying to be offensive.
But you really have much of threads for your guild.
Think it’s much better to focus on 1 thread as your guild now already settled. :slight_smile: