Cliffy error after ToD battle reset the floor?

I had two Cliffy errors in 30 mins after reset, but the second one was odd.

It was Floor 8 Room 2 that the second Cliffy error occurred. I had cleared the room and the scroll it contained was “Life”. It was at the end battle stat screen where the Cliffy occurred. Once I got back into the game, I went back into ToD to see that Room 2 wasn’t cleared. I figured that since I saw that it contained a “Life” scroll, that I didn’t need to clear it again. I then cleared Rooms 3 and 4 without yet getting the “Unlock” scroll. When I cleared Room 5 instead of getting the “Unlock” scroll, I got a “Power” scroll. Room 2 now contained the “Unlock” scroll. It appears that the Cliffy error made the whole floor reset it’s scroll drops.

Sent in a support ticket already, but want to throw this out to the community as well.