Clickboxs for the Gems

The Boxes for the gems is a lot smaller than the actual box that they are in. You don’t even have to move the mouse to another box for the gem to be dragged to it. Which can cause unwanted moves which can end in a loss.

As a side note I am on PC.


I’ve played this game for nearly three years, and never found this to be a problem or heard anyone ever complain about it here on the forum. Sorry but I think you’ll just have to get used to it…

Well it seems to a somewhat newer problem and I have for the most part gotten used it but a still is a problem.


Yo i play on a tiny little phone screen with big ole sausage fingers… Im fine brudda


haha, ur the best brudda. Thank you for making us laugh so good! :joy:

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I’m 6 foot 4, 220 pounds with correspondingly large fingers and and I can play the game on a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini just fine, so in all honesty I also fail to see the problem the OP refers to…

Many are commenting about mobile, and the OP is about PC. I don’t have problems on mobile either, but I’ve noticed and experienced this on PC. To describe the problem more clearly, the “size of the box” is irrelevant, as you don’t need to drag a gem from box A to box B. Instead, on PC/Unity, you simply need to move a gem from box A in a direction. Once you move approximately 10-15% of a gems width in a direction, a move is triggered to swap. This means your cursor never needs to leave the square of a single gem in order to make a move. A bit non-intuitive and unforgiving, so I totally understand the frustration of the OP. It would probably be more understandable to a player if a move didn’t get triggered until your cursor entered a second gems square, meaning there has been clear movement from A to B.


I have noticed that too.

When Unity came to the PC, Sirrian mentioned noticing an issue related to this about gems sliding the wrong way if you move the gem a little upwards when also to the side… i can see this happening sometimes when I slide sideways but the gem tries to move up or down and it’s not a valid match so it moves it back.