Class Weapon bought but not "completed" in Class page

So I made a small video of the issue, here:

I stupidly purchased the knight class weapon when it was up as an event a month or so back (cause as a new player I like to get event weapons when they’re up). I didn’t realise at the time it was class and not some other missable event. At any rate I didn’t think much of it until now. I’m completing each class to 250 wins to farm out the weapons, when I came to Knight, I thought I recognized the weapon as the only one I shouldn’t have paid gems for.

Now I realise this isn’t a real “bug” as I haven’t technically won 250 times with the class, but shouldn’t this get ticked when you purchase the weapon? Or at least show it in some way? It’s a minor thing I’m sure, but nevertheless a bit misleading.

Just a thought, not even sure I’m right in this. Regardless it’s at least documented now so in case people stumble upon this “issue” they’ll have the thread to see.