Class Trial Should be for the Class Trial Only

Every time we have a Class Trial it is for that Hero Class BUT, we still can select other classes to battle in that gives no experience points after a battle unless we select the class the Class Trial is for. My suggestion is just lock the other Hero Classes and just select the Hero Class for the Class Trial. Like Warden Class Trail we only are able to select the Warden Class and the other Classes are locked during the Class Trial event.

Yeah, I’ve always found it a bit weird that the Hero is exempt from almost every Troop requirement that might be imposed by almost any other game mode.

As another example, you don’t even have to place the Hero in your team at all during a Class Trial, which … seems to sort of ignore the whole point (thematically) of the mode?

Every once in a while we get a suggestion about forcing restrictions that (regrettably but unsurprisingly) are used as justification by the company whenever they want to further tell players how to play their game (i.e. increase grind to push sales)

The suggestion here is to force everyone to use a specific class, instead of allowing everyone to choose what they prefer? Like how fun it is not to use our preferred weapon in World Events?

Surely one can ‘encourage’ certain soft-restrictions à la GvG daily colour, but ruining it for everyone who just wants to play their own way seems selfish, albeit in line with some IP2 development directions.

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Mm – e.g. instead of preventing players from using any class, there could be double XP granted for using the particular class under trial / in question.

Perhaps a default selection in the blank team slot when creating a team for the event, but no barrier to reselecting another class.

I agree that the initial suggestion here seems to be just a restriction (worse or more limited gameplay) with no added reward to compensate.


Do I understand this right? If I’m using the “wrong” class in the Class Trial the class doesn’t get any exp?

I never even noticed that, but really good to know.

If memory serves and the class event hasn’t been changed, the selected hero class gets regular experience. If the class matches the event, the experience is doubled.
Obviously, untestable until the next class event (Thursday.)

I always thought I saw experience after the battles. Locking the class is a really bad idea. You can already be very limited on troops so why limit the hero class. Plus, it makes the mode pointless if you have already maxed the class.


Not sure what @ThaSneakyNinja is talking about. Each class trial battle gives you 2 champion xp for the class used in that battle. Class trial rewards also contain some champion xp for the class the trial is based on.


It’s a game suggestion, not a description of how the event works, so as above @HeliosNull you can disregard that understanding of the event.

No testing needed – this is also not correct. As Fourdottwoone described, you get some class xp for the featured class from the stage rewards, for beating each round. This could give the impression that xp is doubled for the matching class, but you get this regardless of which class you use (even if you don’t use any).


Pretty sure that’s actually standard for every battle with a Hero on the team.

Not really:

Champion XP

  1. Training Battles - 0 XP.
  2. Delve Quest, Explore (all levels), Kingdom Quest, Legends Reborn - 1 XP.
  3. AB, Dungeon, Gnome Vault, Kingdom Challenges, Live Events, Pet Rescue, PvP (ranked and casual): 2 XP.

I really love playing with different troops and hero classes when we have to face other teams in Player versus Player, but the fact is the Class Trial events is for a specified Class and we get exp if we have the hero in the team with that specified class equipped. I thought for a few reasons this could help, first off people that don’t have that class would have to unlock it to get the experience associated with the class. And secondly those that are new to the game would not be confused on how classes work. I am just trying to help too. Like i said earlier using a different class then the specified class gives no class exp and they miss out on gaining a lot of exp for that specific Class after each battle.

But that’s just not true.

You get class XP for the class that is equipped (ETA: if you use a hero - just to be clear), and you get class XP for the trial class from the reward tiers (and shop).


Yea, not sure what’s going on here but I’ve been using off-classes in these Thursday events for years. Simply because I’m working on a specific class that week and it gives a little bit of XP for it. (2xp x 5 battles x 4 tiers = 40xp) That way it’s not a complete waste of time.

The 25 gems aren’t too bad, either. But yeah, that’s what I’m doing as well on my alt where I still need to level classes.

If I was forced to use the class the trial is for that would mean I wouldn’t get any class XP in many cases as I do have lot of classes at 100.

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