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Class Trial frustration

Does anyone else find this extremely frustrating?
In every class trial I play, I buy through Tier III in the shop, and EVERY time I’m 1 fight away from full awards without losing a battle. Every time. It’s definitely not worth 250 gems to get an orb of chaos and 30xp, so it’s never completed.


This just happened to me as well. Actually, I bought Tier III because I was one fight away from an earlier reward, so it happened twice to me in the same day. (For the record, my very first fight after buying Tier III was the Valraven that would have meant no Tier III had it appeared a single battle earlier.)

I think it’s down to RNG, but it is difficult to convince myself of that on days like this.


About one time out of three or four you’ll get lucky and find that last valraven before you run out of sigils. But 250 gems for a chaos orb is not a terrible return on investment…

With that said, why are you buying any shop tiers if you are not going for the orb? Certainly none of the rewards up to that are worth any gems to speak of.

The whole point of the weekly class trial to give players an opportunity to directly buy Champion XP for the weekly class using Gems. Anything that a player gets along the way, such as the Chaos Orb, is just a bonus.

Players shouldn’t look at the weekly class trial as anything more than that and gauge if spending gems to accelerate leveling that class is worth it to them.


I do always buy 1 or 2 just for the battle acceleration, unless I already have the class at 100. Tier III if it’s a class that might show up in a Daily Deal, because I want those leveled faster to be removed from the pool.

Colstone’s post disappeared again :laughing:

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The thing is that you get more class xp from simply exploring with the class, for the same time spent (E5/6). There is simply no significant XP in the rewards. The real value of the class trials are in the high tier shop buys, which as @Lyrian has commented is really the whole and only point.

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That’s only true if you explore at the same time rate. I don’t. Because I don’t really care about leveling classes — it’s a passive process while grinding for tokens.

And two Level 12 explores with the team I like to use are not as fast as one-shotting class trial battles with doom weapons to get 2 XP a pop on top of the 30 gem rebate and additional cherry-on-top XP.

The goal, for me, isn’t maximizing Class XP. Casual PvP does that — and I never play that anyway.

The goal is, rather, to make the most efficient use of my free sigils, always, in all events, and sometimes buy a couple more if they make the bulk more enjoyable.

On an odd thought, I did a quick analysis of conversion rates since the class trial is up today.

The daily deal is 125 gems --> 100 class xp, or 1.25 gems per 1 class xp, when offered.

Tier 6 in the event shop is 500 gems --> 360 class xp, or 1.4 gems per 1 class xp.
Tier 7 in the event shop is 500 gems --> 500 class xp, or 1 gem per class xp.

So, if one is looking for strict conversion efficiency, unless a player goes “all-in” on the event shop, it is more efficient to buy the daily deals.

Of course, depending on the player’s goals and objectives, the analysis isn’t quite so black and white. There the cost of time (class event is instant xp vs. buying multiple daily deals over time), and if end-game the opportunity cost of class xp daily deals potentially blocking other desirable deals such as writs and deeds.

Still something for late-gamers to consider, as the game is moving into a phase where being at the meta for kingdom power is starting to require greater numbers of maxed classes.


My maths may be wrong, but here’s my take.

  • Not all class trials get you to Round 4 rewards, so if you spent 30 gems you sometimes lose 15 gems instead of just 5.
  • Round 4 rewards (if you get there) gives you 50 reward class XP, plus 20 extra XP since each battle awards 2 XP compared to explore giving 1. So this is equivalent to 70 explore 2/5/6.
  • Round 4 requires 20 battles, which are not as quick as Rowanne/Phoenicia.
  • Today’s class trial is good with Fiend Fire/Venbarak, so let’s say it takes only 30 seconds. That’s 30s x 20s = 600s. This gets you 30 explore battles.
  • So for your 30 gems (or none which makes battles slower than 600s), you’ve saved 40 explore battles, 14 minutes of time.
  • Other weeks, class trials are quite a pain taking 40s+, for which even paying 30 gems into it becomes counter productive. One might do it for free for 15/25 gems though.
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A too-long, probably unwarranted rant to cyberkiwi in one final attempt to get on the same page

I don’t know how else to explain to you that I’ve not solicited advice for how to best gain Class XP, or even save gems, really. I know how to do both things, but I’m not interested in doing either — I have all Guild Wars relevant classes to 100, and my gem pile gets higher and higher every week.

The rest of my classes still to be leveled (most already 70+) are passively leveled as I grind Level 12 Explore — the only difficulty at which I play (and it’s an infrequent thing at that). I like the occasional accomplishment of unlocking a trait. I have no interest in being “done” with them all, though that will inevitably happen within the year — no more dopamine *ding!*s when that day arrives.

I don’t have Phoenicia, not that you asked, nor do I have any interest in grinding mid-level Explore. Why? Because no Anu or Nysha tokens drop, and they are the only medals I care about earning at this point, and as I have already said I am not Exploring to level classes. I don’t need to. I don’t want to. I want to get medals to Elite Level the troops I like in my collection.

For that reason I’m also not engaging in faster, mid-level Explores to get a bunch of low-rarity medals to most quickly get Geoff, if that’s the concern with my time being spent “inefficiently.” I am well aware that leveling all the Common and Rare troops is faster that way, generally; regardless, I’m only 10 troops away from Geoff — but I haven’t been chasing it. Instead, I have been inching toward it while pursuing my actual goal — making my favorite cards gold-shiny, not just any card, or the easiest cards.

If I wanted the achievement, it would be mine by now. I don’t care about it, so its acquisition will be incidental along the way. A slow slog. A trudge. That’s me.

I go on those two paragraphs of tangent to illustrate that I think we’re talking past one another, coming from different places of motivation and goals in mind.

So to sum: my initial post literally only exists to keep the Colstone post for posterity (as most of the forum wouldn’t see anything she writes without people quoting it because, for whatever reason, the posts are always deleted and portions of conversation are therefore lost or out-of-context afterward) and to remain on-topic by saying that, because I’m going to play the free sigils anyway, because, amongst other reasons, I like going through the motions of different modes instead of spending all day in the same boring Explore interface, I spend a pittance of gems every week to make those sigils go by faster. That’s all.

There’s nothing “good” to spend my “extra” gems on, so I spend them how I want to spend them.

When I read your responses to me, they feel pretty man-splainy, so I’m probably just misreading your tone or something, but. It’s very much like buying a candy bar with discretionary income only to be told by a (well-meaning, I hope?) stranger, “You know that dollar could be more nutritionally spent by buying an apple, right?”

Yes, I know. But the slow annihilation of chocolate is so much a sweeter pain to enjoy.


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I guess I’m the only one playing this event because I like highly constrained team building, lol.

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Yep I noticed this too, I pretty much just do the free battles now, or buy just tiers I and II. It happens pretty much every time, that I can no longer put it down to coincidence.