Class Talent Activation Order - PvP

Today I discovered that the class talent activation order in PvP favors the defending team when it comes to talents like Nature’s Aura and Firestarter. At the beginning of the battle, my Nature’s Aura talent activated, and then the defending hero’s Firestarter talent activated, negating my leafstorm and undermining my team strategy. I don’t think it makes sense to prop up the defense team in this way, as the defending team is operated by a computer. It really detracts from the user experience.

You’ve got to scout your opponents to see if setting your own storm will be possible :wink:

I get that if they have a trait like Heatwave or Storm Soul (i.e., something that triggers on the start of their turn). It’s not great game design if it’s two start of battle talents that should activate at the same time but one cancels out the other because of their order of activation (and favors the computer over the human).