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Class selection should save up as weapons do for defenses

Pretty much just title. Devs really did an awesome job with new classes (Although I would have like harder missions, you know, like a journey to find yourself as a Knight or whatever) anyhow, would be nice if our class selection stay saved for our defense team, it could amply even more the variaty of new comps ready to try out!


+1 been saying that since day 1
I find it odd that classes didn’t follow the same system as weapon, thus depriving us of the flexibility that was introduced when we started to be able to have different weapons in different decks !

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This has already been mentioned and they replied with something along the lines of “it is harder than you think to implement”.

The easy fix that they could do is just remove the cost to switch classes. :wink:
They could contrast that with giving more incentive to stay with a class further than 250 wins.