Class filters or Improved Kingdom Info

Any chance we can get filters on the class tab, starting with a Kingdom filter? Adding a filter for troop type would be great as well. From my understanding, there is currently no way in-game to figure out what Class is part of what Kingdom without going through one-by-one and tabbing over to Class Info. For some reason, when you open a Kingdom and hit “Kingdom Info,” there is no indication of what Class it’s associated to or the troop type of that class. This would also be a great feature if you didn’t want to add filters.


Top filter for primary boost color, drop downs for Kingdom, Troop Type, Talent Trees, and text field to filter for Trait and Talent names and text to cover combinations and everything else.


There is 1 way to check Kingdom-Class connection without tabbing into Class info:

Class background: It’s always kingdom background. I know it might be hard for new players, but after playing for few months you recognize kingdoms by it’s background only.

Also, if you haven’t unlocked class yet, it’s same is written on Kingdom Info screen. (to bad that info is lost once you unlock it)

It would be a nice feature if instead of “Class Quest Complete” messege shown in Kingdom Screen would be:
“{class_name} Quest Complete”

So we would she:
Thief Quest Complete
Dragonguard Quest Complete
Doomsayer Quest Complete


The camera icon on the class gives that information.

What camera icon?

This one.

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I NEVER KNEW THIS. Thanks. This is still slower than a search but nice to know.

@dawgpwnd, I agree with a filter in gsme, but until and if that happens, I use this: Gems of War Quick Reference Tables it lists all classes and kingdoms.