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Class Event Shop for Necromancer

Currently its Necromancer if i buy tier’s and get event troops is it possible to get the mythic from this kingdom/troop type? LIke Pharos-Ra?

This is confusing every time it comes up.

Necromancer the class has nothing to do with Necromancy the trait. Logically, one can form a connection. But in the game world, they have nothing to do with each other.

The way the troops in these kinds of events work is they are “troops from the pool of available troops for the event”. So the invasion is “Orcs”, and all available troops will be Orcs. For the class events, the pool is limited to a Kingdom and troop type. So to see the troops you can get from the shop:

  1. Go to the Troops screen.
  2. Filter to Kingdom:Khetar and Troop Type:Undead.
  3. Select “Show All” so unowned troops will also show up.
  4. Apply the filter.

But indeed, you have a tiny chance of Pharos-Ra appearing because it is a Khetar troop with creature type Divine/Undead.


Do you think it’s roughly the same percentage chance as a key?

The drop table includes commons and rares, so I’d guess it’s as good as a 10,000 seals Guild key? That is, not as good as a Glory, Gem or Event Key, but any mythic drop will be Pharos-Ra.

I can say it’s definitely not worth the gems unless you have a team to get through the matches. Wasted gems, no decent teams and sigils I can’t even use. sigh

It’s better than Khetar’s event keys in some case, in that if you manage to finish all 8 rounds, you got some extra stuffs and gems in return, plus a minor orb of chaos, instead of just troop drops. And that only required 3-4 tiers. So if you don’t have Pharoh-Ra yet and some gems to spare, I think you should go for it.

For the team composition for this event, there are so many skull-spamming troops, so hero-Mang on top is the key. My personal choice is Mechinist-Mang/Aziris/Skeleton/Bone dragon, Abyssal banner. The plan is to repeatly cast Aziris for skull match after Mang is buffed. Other two troops are just support, so Keeper of Souls or Wall of bone should work as well.

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Thanks for all the reply’s guys no luck on pharoh-Ra but aleast i got some Aziris troops for my soul fam. Cheers!

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