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Class and Kingdom Tournament Mini-Games

In these two mini-games the player would have to face 8 opponents, winning them to take the prize. As in the Arena, if he was defeated twice, he would be disqualified.

Following the Arena standard, the two mini-games would be available 24 hours a day, paying with gold to participate.

Unlike the Arena, we would not face enemy teams of other players, but teams pre-assembled by the game, regarding the particular mini-game.

The rules of the Fight Club

In the mini-game Kingdom Tournament, after paying and starting the game itself would randomly choose a kingdom for the player. The player would then have to create a team with only troops from that realm.

The 8 opponents would be teams from 8 different realms, but would follow the same rule imposed on the player. Only kingdom teams would participate.

The mini-game would not be cloying because we have more than 30 realms to randomly take on 8 each time we participate.

The player also would not benefit from being able to go always with the same team of the same realm, being that with each new match, the game would randomly choose the kingdom that he could use.

This would encourage players to create more and more combinations of kingdom teams, especially if there was a Leaderboard that would show the top players and realms used in their battles.

In the mini-game Class Tournament the rule would be similar to Kingdom Tournament, except that in this case, the game would draw a class and the player would have to assemble teams with only that class to participate. The enemies in the 8 teams would also be class teams.

In both mini-games the player could use his creativity and also to learn with the teams of Realms and Classes used by the computer.

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