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City of Thieves lvl50 one-shot-able with Rowanne?

When starting GoW I’ve been doing a few City of Thieves delves on a Tuesday event. This was a mistake, because I like low-level rushing my daily delves, and City of Thieves is IMHO the best location for it. Right now I’m doing lvl20 All-Seeing Eye with Rowanne, but it has subpar rewards compaired to City of Thieves.

I’m now asking myself if I should dump most of my resources into City of Thieves treasure hoard in order to make it 1-shot-able again.

Given I have

  • typical Rowanne 1-shot team (weapon+Rowanne+Lepre+Maraji)
  • all kingdoms on level 10 and on 5 stars
  • a guild with all guardian level 200 and all basic guild tasks every week
  • 3 medals of Gaard (no Nysha)

and I have just enough resources left to

  • upgrade Rowanne to 3 medals
  • upgrade Leonis to lvl 14
  • upgrade Leonis to 9 stars
  • upgrade the treasure hoard to somewhere like 150-200

would it be possible to oneshot lvl50 delves most of time?

With Tesla I know it is, hoard 200 kingdom lv14 and 2 or 3 gaard medals equipped. Leprechaun works there too which is nice.

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Plain Tesla or Tesla with medals? I just have a single medal of Anu yet, not ready do dump it on troops yet :frowning:

Upgrade medals make literally zero difference to Tesla.


I have been using lvl 50 CoT as my farming delve for a long time. H200, 50% kingdom bonus, Rowanne team one-shots 100% of the time.
I think having hoard at 150 should suffice.

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Great news, thanks all. Will upgrade TH and kingdom and report back here tomorrow.

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I don’t know bout CoT, but at hoard 200, kingdom 15, Rowanne can 1 shot through Primal rift. Except the last room, where the legendary survives. I would assume the same is true in CoT. I keep nysha attached, gaard does not change the result.

Alderfather has Spell Armor, so it’s plausible that the CoT would be a one-shot – especially since the combination of Scatter Damage and Spell Armor is imo not working properly/ideally (damage can be ‘lost’, which is kind of contrary to how it’s supposed to work).


Tesla can indeed 1-shot the final room in CoT and probably Rowanne can too. Both good choices but I prefer Tesla because no mana conflict with eoe.

I’ve upgraded my hoard level to 158 and Leonis to 14, and I cannot yet reliably oneshot lvl50 with Rowanne. Rooms up to tier IV work well, tier V works most of the time if I pick the rooms in the right order (tier V first, then +armor/life rooms). But the final room is clearly not 1shotable for me yet, especially if there are multiple +8 / +10 armor/life rooms before.

I haven’t medalled Rowanne yet, but it seems I also need to go to hoard level ~200 for a really reliable oneshot.

PS: Is there a 50% mana start option for Tesla?

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Holy St Astra gives humans a 50% start.

Hm, to bad, St. Astra’s yellow/green is not compatible with CoT’s purple/blue :frowning:

Are you using Gaard medals? Something else that can help is a hero with the Forest tree (has a talent with +5 armor to green allies), warden would be the best choice since his first trait gives an additional +5 armor

Yes, 3 gaard all the time for delving.

I’ve gone to hoard lvl 188 and this seems to work quite well, with 167 armor on Rowanne and with any old hero class begging for some XP. There are still some rare combinations left though (like multiple high tier armor/life rooms), where I need to do Leprechaun -> weapon -> Rowanne instead of just Leprechaun -> Rowanne. But overall the “annoyance-ratio” is now low enough that I’m willing to do my 3 daily runs at lvl50 in CoT instead of just lvl20 in All-Seeing Eye.

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