City of Thieves Delve event 5/24/22

I think it was a horrendous idea to force an update right in the middle of this event. For me, I was on the the very last battle & finally had all 4 of my troops going into that battle. I spent at least 2800 gems & countless hours, in the 12-14 hour range, on this event. I don’t care about my final rank among the other players, I was attempting to unlock the mythic pet to finally upgrade my kingdom. Whatever time I spent being forced to update very well probably cost me an opportunity to close out this Delve. Don’t wait to do updates during the final hour of a one day event, or any event for that matter.

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Are you trying to say that if you knew about delve improvement, you won’t spend all those gems on upgrades?

No, he is not saying that. He is saying that downloading the update (1 gb) wasted him some time and he is pissed cuz he need every minute to beat the delve.


Exactly. I really did need every minute. Also, when the updated was forced out, I was fighting in a delve, so I finish the fight, but I can’t update the win & collect the rewards. It tells me I can “retry” or “quit” after trying retry 4x I quit and had to log back in, which kick started the update. So I lost my rewards for that fight, plus I lost progress in that delve & when I got back in I couldn’t pick up where I left off. So I lost the rest of that Delve run. A double whammy.

So, I will have to defend IP2 here a bit. The problem is timezones, as IP2 is in Australia while the daily reset timer goes off of PDT (California time). I’m not sure why that is, but it has been that way since the start.

I saw that the update got pushed out on Steam around 8pm EDT (5pm PDT), which is 10am AEST (Aussie Eastern Standard). What this means is that they literally got into the office, double checked the patch and then pushed it.


I hear what you’re saying, but on a single day Delve event, you know how long those take? It would be better if they had just waited a couple hours or a day. What’s the big deal about pushing it out as soon as possible? I feel like it was a brain fart on their part & it ended up costing me. I did every fight in those delves up to about 360. Then I did the main 3 fights to move it along to the next level. The amount of time, effort, and gems I put into this makes this extremely frustrating to say the least.

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I thought it would effect someones guild wars more than the delve but that does suck. Not sure why they couldnt wait until next week as tuesday is the 31st and it would have still made their roadmap true. I guess because of the all seeing eye event this weekend? Idk but why even do all this extra crap during a guild wars week when they could have picked any other week this month with 5 tuesdays they pick the 1 guild wars tuesday out of all them. Basically they dont care about the players and selfishly do whats best for them not us

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Oh, I agree with you that Tuesday would be just about the worst day in general. However, one of their PR people says they aimed for last week but things were running late. Best laid plans and all that.

If I had to guess, they just wanted to get it out as soon as possible to be able to fix any bugs before Faction Friday.

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I may add, that depending on the bandwith available, a Gigabyte update can take a little longer than “a few minutes”. I may be the last one alive with basic DSL, so from my view, I’ve spent 2 1/2 hours this morning with the download… which cut off all delve plans, I had left.

Bad timing for an update.

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I have to agree. Time during 1 day faction is a big issue even if you have the gems to burn and skip all unecessary rooms (except cedric at 500 pure which is essential) en route. Arena event IMO would be update time

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Why do you feel like Cedric is that important? Thx.

Ah! I can help you with this!

Each Delve has a “gimmick”. City of Thieves’ gimmick is that the main Faction damage dealer (King of Thieves) has an ability that will increase stats based on the amount of gold you are currently holding in battle.

King of Treasure (16 Red/Purple)
Deal [Magic + 4] damage to an Enemy. Gain 3 to all Skills, boosted by my Gold. [5:1]

If you complete the Rarity II room (green in colour) named “Cedric’s Hideaway”, it will give your team the trait “Moneybags”. This trait increases the total amount of gold you can hold from 100 to 500.

This means that King of Thieves will go from boosting his skills by a max of 20 when his ability is cast to a max of 100!

That is why for Pure Faction runs it used to be very annoying. If you tried to complete it outside of events (which I did) you had to reset if you didn’t get Cedric’s room. Now with the potions outside of the event, it might be easier.


I didn’t even think about that. I was too busy trying to close out the game & before that I was using a non-faction team to get me to the end. Thanks. Now I really feel bad about not finishing this delve off.

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