Chunky calls for aid. Who will answer? (24/30)

This goes out to Poison, Meena, and Fat Joey: Our first GW Winners. May your names echo in eternity.

Hk33, Skayel, Yaqqer, PkNutty, and Data: You all were there with us, when Top 50 GW was just a dream.

More recent departures Dixie, Cragus, and Zesty: If you ever return to GoW, we’ll make room for you here again.

We could certainly use your help in Bracket 5.

The Points we need

Every battle in Bracket 6 was a struggle, and it may come down to who has the most participants again.

Send me you invite code at Gamer Tag: chunky mono, and I’ll get you in. Once a Raider, always a Raider. For the Horde. :axe::rage: :shield:

Edit: Never been a Raider before? New Raiders are welcome as well.

91, 62, 55, 54, and now 52. We have yet to go down in GW rank…past performance does not guarantee future success. Join today.

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I suppose I should clarify, after two players joined and quit an hour later…Not a Raider until you finish at least one GW with 30 battles, win or lose.

And to the Super Mario fanboy who said we were a dead guild: Raid week is not a good indicator. That would be the equivalent of asking Uptown Girl, the preeminent California '80s Joel cover band, to play something from The Stranger. We are strictly a GW Guild. Ok? We don’t do Raid. Not that kind of Raiders. Actually, not kind at all. Rant over.

We are full again, but Zesty: we’ll make room for you if/when you wish to return. Maybe I’ll join your guild someday to extend the invitation personally. I’d do it this week, but don’t want to lose Champion status. It was the year 2020

For the Horde. :axe::rage::shield:

Azmodan, our mutual HotS friend Tychus pointed out that I didn’t list you. I blame CTE, you were a valued member. Come on back if you see this thread.

Half hour before reset, and we were in 3rd place in bracket 5, going at them like a 40° day.

Anybody else feeling burnt and looking for a low stress guild to enjoy the new 5.0 update, we got you. Chunky’s Raiders

Chunky’s Raiders: We were there when the Westfold burned. We were there when Edoras emptied. And we were there when Helm’s Deep cowered. We’ve had some tough times lately, though we endeavor to persevere.

Exhibits 1 thru 3 show our core is strong, but our reserves falter in the moment of truth.

(Screenshots courtesy of Kirk Monkey, Warboss, Chunky’s Raiders).

On Day 3, we held the line. But as the results show, we fell short Days 1 and 2.

Not closing them out

Chunky calls for aid. Who will answer?

You might be thinking “But I don’t want to be an Orc from LotR”. That’s perfectly okay. I myself hail from the WoW universe. We also accept Orcs from Warhammer, D&D, Elder Scrolls, and Age of Wonders.

Edit: The enemy doesn’t stop at 125 battles. We shouldn’t either. To join prior to the next engagement, message myself at GT: Chunky Mono, or our Warboss at GT: Kirk Monkey.

Reqs: 420g, 420 Seals, 30 Trophies. Non-GW events optional. Spend your gold on kingdoms, delves or whichever Guild Tasks you want. It matters not.

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When a Guild finishes 1,900 points behind third, and 7,800 points behind second, there will be roster changes.

Time for a change

I think I said it better here:

I said it better here

We could use five new Raiders.

We’ll settle for one. Join the Horde, or be crushed by it. :axe::rage::shield:

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25,120 points away from fighting in bracket 3…not bad considering we might be the most casual GW Guild in all of Krystara.

There is still time to join the Horde. Apply today. Message me at GamerTag: chunky mono. We full, but will make room.

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It was bound to happen eventually. For the 1st time in Guild history, we are advancing in a new direction. Rank 44 didn’t suit us, so we will prepare our assault on the higher (doubtful) ranked guilds from Rank 46.

 New Requirements as of Rank 46:
 Gold: 420
 Seals: 420
 Trophy: 4+20

We’ll be living the high life in no time at all.

One spot available, more upon request. Bring a friend, or make an alt.

@ChunkyMono I’m not sure if this is the right place for me to post.
If you guys set up 6 unique GW teams with 24 unique troops and do 1 battle a day, you would get 12k pts default per person.

You get 500 points per each unique troop, x4 troops per day = 2,000 pts, x6 days = 12,000 pts.
It doesn’t matter if the defense is good or not, you still get points, and it also doesn’t matter if you win your GW battles. :thinking: This may make a good guild req. if you want to go up in ranks.

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Tyvm. We dropped one Raider who never read chat the previous GW, and another today. I imagine the final one will be dropped next GW. We could have dropped all three at once, but recruiting is a challenge for us it seems. And the final non-chat reader contributes in other events.

My brother is retiring, and he is taking his alts with him. As such, I don’t feel like running as many alts these days.

GW Bracket number 4, GW Rank 35. We have room for 6 at the moment, low reqs, low stress for the GW enthusiast in you. Come join the Horde.

Open to mergers, acquisitions, and hostile take-overs.

Chunky’s Raiders, For the Horde.

Chunky’s Vindicators, For the Beginner. We’ll train you up right, get you prepared for the biggest and bestest fights.

Tower of Doom begins 01 Mar 2021: We normally finish all Rewards
GW begins 08 Mar 2021: We’re still looking for 6 GW enthusiasts

We’ve backslid a bit, down to rank 64. One thing I noticed: “Raiders looking for 1 in global chat” isn’t the best way to recruit…There is another guild called “Raiders”.

We are “Chunky’s Raiders”, but we easily could become “(Insert name here)'s Raiders”. To find out how, join the Horde. We will have…cake.

Chunky’s Vindicators GW Rank 1531
Other Raiders (no affiliation) GW Rank 1549

Join the one true Horde. Accept no substitutes.