Chill guild of high performing vets needs 2!

What does chill but high performing mean?

  • We close out events, except the annoying 3rd one on 3-event weekends. We typically close stage 11 on that one.
  • We close out basic tasks, plus some epics, but we’re not gold focused.
  • We win our war bracket consistently, but expect that to stop at some point. We’re already in bracket 19 and not aiming for top 10.
  • We’ve got helpful discord channels and share teams, but we also chat about tv shows and stuff sometimes


  • All events, incl GW
  • Minimum lvl 300
  • Minimum contributions: 300k gold, 1k seals, 100 Trophies. Most of us are in the 1mil gold, 2k seals, 300+ trophy range. Lower minimums allow for off weeks when life happens.
  • Have/use discord.

For info: 🔪Subtle Knives🔪 - Killing you softly since 2018

Guild name: Subtle Knives

Still two spots open (filled one, but someone else is retiring from the game). Please reach out if interested.

1 spot left.