Chill, active, friendly guild recruiting! Climb the ranks with us!

We may not be the highest level guild out there, but with your help we can move up quickly! The only strict requirement we have is that you are level 100+. Social is definitely a bonus but not required… and we do no tolerate freeloaders. 14 days inactive and you’re out. We know that life is before game play, so if life allows 1500s/250t/500k, awesome! If life allows 500s/75t/100k, that’s great as well! Interested in joining us in Just-For-Fun? Leave me your invite code, how you think you will be beneficial to our team, and you favorite food because… why not? :wink:


I am currently looking for a good guild that is active my code is SNKNS. I’m currently level 45 and have all kingdoms owned and at least level 3, one kingdom at level 10