🌸 All of the Rewards, None of the stress 😄 Join DruidsVale! (29 / 30) 🌸 ACHIEVE 6 Statues + 10+ Legendary Tasks + 40K Seals + GW 3 [Casual] 🌸


:four_leaf_clover: DruidsVale is Recruiting! Come Join our Amazing Family! :four_leaf_clover:

We are a Guild of veteran, experienced players plus newer, highly active players. We Achieve Maxing 6 Mana Statues plus completing 8 to 10 Legendary Tasks, and Achieving 40K Seals each week We are GW Casual and we have climbed to Guild Wars Bracket 3! :rocket: Our Immediate Goal: Continue Maxing all 6 Statues + 40K Seals Every Week! Join us and let’s grow together successfully!

We are a Great Community of Gamers and we mainly use Discord for easy Guild communications.

Weekly Minimum Requirements: 350K+ Gold on Monday (after new Druids join). Claim Seals Daily and Claim 1500+ Seals by Saturday at noon. Complete 25 GW Battles by Saturday and 30 by Sunday. These are the absolute minimums. All Druids greatly over achieve these requirements on a routine basis. :smiley:

Join us and continue Maxing 6 Mana Guardians every Week and completing 8 to 10 Legendary Tasks!!!

Join our Team and Make it Happen! :rocket:

 DruidsVale Guild Statue Levels and Rank as of 2-15-18.

 DruidsVale Maxing 6 Mana Statues and Legendary Tasks:

 DruidsVale Rocking Guild Wars Bracket 3:

 DruidsVale Raid Boss Maxed:

 DruidsVale Tower Event Maxed:

 DruidsVale Achieving 40 K Seals Again:



:hibiscus: :-) Join DruidsGlade (29 / 30). Achieve + 15 Legendary Tasks + GW Bracket 1 + 40K Seals. League Rank 33 :-)
:hibiscus: :-) Join DruidsGlade (29 / 30). Achieve + 15 Legendary Tasks + GW Bracket 1 + 40K Seals. League Rank 33 :-)
:hibiscus: :star2: Join DruidsQuest Today! (29 / 30) "All the Rewards worth Achieving" Min Reqs: 200k+ / 1000s to 1300s / 100t :star2: :hibiscus:
New Guild Needed - Closed
:hibiscus: :-) Join DruidsGlade (29 / 30). Achieve + 15 Legendary Tasks + GW Bracket 1 + 40K Seals. League Rank 33 :-)
:hibiscus: :-) Join DruidsGlade (29 / 30). Achieve + 15 Legendary Tasks + GW Bracket 1 + 40K Seals. League Rank 33 :-)
Looking for active guild that gets all tasks done

Great group of people, great atmosphere!


Great guild. Great people!


DruidsVale , an Alliance with DruidsGlade, is now officially recruiting. :smiley:

DruidsVale is even more laid back than DruidsGlade. Although we have several, very active players, DruidsVale offers an even more relaxed environment.

Weekly Reqs. Min of 100K+ on Monday… 600+ Seals by end of Saturday. 100+ Trophies for Guild Growth

Please reply here if interested in Joining and I will immediately invite you (I’m online now)



Hello, I am interested in joining the guild! My invite code is Cyber_8


Welcome to DruidsVale! We still have Seats open. We have a large Discord built for Guild Wars.

Come be part is something special. All Friends are Welcome! :smiley:



Hi @cybermass! Welcome to DruidsVale. Invite sent! Welcome to our Team. :smiley:



Thanks! Guild Looks Awesome!


Welcome aboard @cybermass :rocket:



Hi Everyone! :blush:
I’ve just joined DruidsVale!:champagne::hugs:


Me too! :sunglasses:
Hello fellow guildmates!


Welcome Aboard @Hitomi and @Niki! We are Thrilled you’ve joined us Hitomi and we are Very Excited for your return Niki! :grinning:



I’m looking forward to joining you!



Welcome Aboard Tryael and Maheldir! :rocket:

We have a few Seats left. Please reply if interested in Joining our Alliance:-D



I would like to join if there’s still room. Lower level new player but can meet the requirements. I assume I need to leave my current guild that is barely active.

Invite: Minitanis2516


Hi @Minitanis2516 > Yes, I will Invite you! We are thrilled to have you hop on-board! :slight_smile:

You will need to leave your current Guild before I can invite you. Are you able to join me on Discord? I will PM you the link :smiley:



I don’t have discord but can get it if required. I left my guild now. Only 5 of us attacked in the war today. Not very active.


OK. I’m sending you an invitation to Join! :rocket:



Welcome Aboard the DruidsVale Express Train :rocket: We are thrilled to have you @Minitanis2516 .

Although Discord is not required, please consider checking it out as we have a massive, super Awesome setup for Weekly Events, Guild Wars, Farming, etc.

Plus we have a Great Community of Gamers to simply hang out with on Discord.



Way to Go DruidsGlade! :rocket:

Come Join DruidsVale as we only have a few Open Seats left. Jump in! :smiley:

Have questions? PM me or hop onto our Open Community Discord for more info. We have Friends from many Guilds on our Discord Server. :smiley: