Checkmate is looking for a new member

Hello to all. I am part of a great guild that is looking for a new member as we’ve had a recent departure and since we’ve grown so much in only a year and a half we would like to maintain a certain increase in level and completion of tasks.

Our guild has fairly low requirements for our level (Top 100 - 500 seals, 75,000 gold, should be level 700 or so), but what we’re actually looking for is someone who WANTS to participate in all the things that make up a guild, not treat it like a job. Most of our members give much more because they enjoy our camaraderie and like to see everyone give as much as possible so that EVERYONE gets better.

As such, we require joining individuals to respond in chat upon arrival and check in on a regular basis for updates and notices for benefit to all. We also require all guild events to be played (including Guild Wars) to at least all free sigils given by the game.

If this sounds like a good fit for you - or if you have any questions - please reach out to me here. I am not the guild master, but I am good friends with those that are (husband and wife) so any answers I don’t know I can find out fairly fast.

Thank you for reading.