Cheating? or not?

Today I checked out het leaderbord of REDACTED. I saw a player at rank 89 called REDACTED and he had he following score: Boss Level 185, Boss damage 28,630. I’m wondering if it’s even possible to have that much damage done at level 195?
I’m asking because I am at boss level 180 with 9,192 damage done. In my Guild there are other players at level 180 or 185 but none of them has that much damage points…

If you just kill the boss but die to his minions you accumulate score but won’t progress further.


A high boss damage but low boss level score is a sign that you died a lot. Which a player below level 100 is going to do a lot. All very normal.

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That might be possible but 28000+ damage at level 180? I find that a little bit suspect…

All of the new-style game modes (Raid Boss, Invasion, Bounty, Class Event, and Pet Resce) are all pay-to-win; spend enough gems and you get effectively limitless attempts.

So all that’s saying is that the player you’re looking at spent a lot of gems. Nothing more or less than that.


Submit a ticket then.

Pick a hero class that starts with half mana, equip Mang, select a banner that takes at most two matches for the spell to fill up. Whack Zuul for ~200 score, get pulverized, repeat as often as you are willing to pay for.


You might want to erase the players name. no call out you know.

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This is technically a “callout thread” until you edit out the name of the player. They aren’t allowed.

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Edited the OP to remove player and guild names. Please be careful to avoid calling out players and guilds in forum posts (unless the message is complimentary). If you suspect someone of cheating, please submit a support ticket.

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Sounds like a ton of gems spent. Ouch.

It is totally possible, if expensive in terms of seals. The level doesn’t go up if you don’t kill the entire team so you could sit at level 150 and rake in 400ish boss damage per fight. It would take a while and a pile of seals but yeah, it sure can be done.

I mean, it’s potentially a strategy.

Killing Zuul’goth then losing on purpose for 400 points with 100% certainty is easier than playing a match where you can only do 500 damage 80% of the time before dying. So someone might pick a level where they can do absurd damage to Ziggy quickly, then lose on purpose to grind through more sigils per unit time.

The trick is figuring out where the right point to stop is.

Nope, just someone using gems. I’m assuming that with that boss level and score, the player spent at least 1850 gems to get to tier 7 in the raid shop, and possibly more to get tier 7 multiple times.