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Charm vs Barrier?

This has probably been discussed plenty of times but why does Barrier not work against charm, it literally makes no sense to me.

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I personally think of Charm as a “psychic attack” so it makes sense to me that Barrier wouldn’t defend against it (since barrier is attacks against your physical person, by either physical or magic attacks). But given how stupid Wisps are, I fully support this change.

Bear in mind that Wisp dispels all enemies first (getting rid of the barrier) then charms.


Are you saying that Barrier should protect the troop hit by the Charm spell? or should prevent the damage when an adjacent ally is charmed?

Good point, too.

I would assume Barrier negates Charm (and then is popped). Same as though Charm were a damage spell or skull attack.

This makes sense then, I guess I never paid attention to the dispell part but now I see, although I think they should get rid of that, they gives these Wisps too many perks. Dispel, Extra turn, Stealthy, and 75% mana, Bonus purple, jumble, at least 2 of those could be nerfed.

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What does it actually do now? I mean:

  • Does a charmed ally with barrier deal damage to his neighbors (and is the charmed ally’s barrier then popped)?
  • Does an ally with barrier take damage from a charmed ally?

You take damage no matter what, All barriers are dispelled (as the spell says) and then the Charm attack happens.

And without disspell spells? Pure charm I mean.