Characters with slay ability

Could someone with a more comprehensive knowledge of the troops than myself provide a selection of troops and/or weapons that provide a chance to instantly slay an opponent? I mean, devour is obvious, but a lot of things have immunity to it. But like Lady Morana has a 10%+ chance to instantly slay an enemy. And there’s not a filter that I’m aware of for that particular effect.

As far as i know, Slay works like Insta Kill?
Also the text in-game is somewhat jumbled with all the spell wording, Slay. Kill. Destroy. Execute. They all should do the same just differ in wording.
I hope that helps some :+1::slight_smile:

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Oh yeah, I know! I’m just looking to find out which troops have it!

Megavore has an 8% to insta kill last troop on 4/5 matches and Assassin class has a 10% too.

And the Assassin class gives another 7% change to instantly kill an enemy via the talents
There is also a weapon that gives you a 10% change to instantly kill an enemy and a 20% change when an enemy is poisoned, that is the serpentine dagger.
Also you have Dracos 25%, Executioner 10%, Lady Morana 10%, Scorpius who’s damage is lethal for poisoned enemy, Scilla 25%, Ubastet who deals damage to 2 enemies and when one dies the other one is killed also.
Then there are some troops that have the ability to devour enemies but those you can find out for yourself by sorting on Devour.

I forgot to mention the Black manacles weapon gives you 20% chance to devour an enemy.

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