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Chaos storm cancels enrage

In world event “locked on” I am running a skull team with wrath whilst boosting frostmage hero class. I’ve had the chaos storm talent active and this causes issues with enrage from wrath. As soon as I cast wrath on a quad, all troops become enraged but immediately the chaos storm is triggered and hero enrage is nullified. My hero also has deluge active (submerge random ally on 4/5) but this is unaffected by the chaos storm trigger. There seems to be a direct conflict between frostmage chaos storm and wrath enrage or is this meant to happen? This is not a random occurrence; it happens every time you cast wrath on a quad match.

If your hero is in first slot and Wrath matches skulls with his cast, the enrage is granted but immediately used by any troop in first slot.
Enrage will always be ‘used’ with any skull match from the first troop, it’s not a permanent buff.


OK I guess. Maybe it’s the spell wording that suggests (at least to me) that skull damage would take effect then enable enrage. But if it’s triggering enraged skull damage at once then fair enough. Perhaps if the spell wording was reversed it would make more sense. Thanks

This is kind of a going theme in GoW, the order of operations on the card don’t have a lot to do with the order of operations in the game. It’s good game design!


I think I see where your confusion is coming from. Wrath says transform blue gems to brown and yellow to skulls. So you’re expecting the transform to take place, all the skull damage to happen, and then you’d expect all allies to be left enraged and all enemies burning.

This can’t happen because if all the gems transformed and you didn’t have any “extra turn” from them (a 4+ match), your turn would immediately end. Everything in the troop’s abilities always happen before anything on the board happens, to ensure that abilities are carried out while it’s still your turn.

This is also important because if you had your hero in the first slot with the Fireblade talent, which does triple damage to burning enemies, then your hero would indeed do triple damage to the enemy, because Wrath burns all enemies before any skull matches are executed.

I totally understand your point (although I rarely cast wrath without a quad) but if the spell text read “enrage all allies, convert…etc” then there would be no ambiguity or confusion. I don’t think that describing spells accurately is too much to ask. Wrath and all similarly ambiguous troops could be reworded correctly in a couple of hours.

I agree that it should read: “Enrage all allies and Burn all enemies, then transform Blue Gems to Brown and Yellow to Skulls.”