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Changing Weapons

How do you change weapons now after the September upgrade??? Cypher, customer service agent, said to go to Hero profile and it is not there. It is also not in the Troops screen menu. So how do you change your weapon now??? Been upgrading two weapons I have been wanting to try out but can’t cause there is no way to change your weapon as far as I can see.

Click troops then choose the weapons tab, select the weapon and click equip.

If that doesn’t work try restarting the game.

okay. will try that again, however, it is Cypher is the only CSA to answer my questions. Starting to have that feeling somehow he is overlooking my account.

Are you talking about @Cyrup? Some things have moved around in the update. @Ghaleon is correct, please choose the troops menu then select the weapons tab. From there you can select your weapon. :slight_smile:

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