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Changes to Cockatrice and Kerberos?

Just noticed these while playing and seeing some unexpected things…

Cockatrice now Entangles, Mana Drains and Creates 6 Browns boosted 2:1 by Mana drained

Kerberos now has 50% to devour instead of 25%, plus I think a trait has been tweaked?

Was this info somewhere and I missed it? Are there other changes too?

These changes are discussed here: The Wargening


Thanks, life has been pretty nutty for the last 4 weeks, which is why I haven’t been around or been putting up many videos. Missed that one!!!

Don’t know if you use twitter. But if you follow the account below, you’ll ALWAYS be in the loop in the future.


EDIT: I suppose you could add that to the 100 tips as well.

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Yeah, but frankly I don’t get Twitter, and I don’t want to lol


I’m going to assume your serious for a minute, and explain it. You can then decide.

Twitter is a micro blogging service. This allows a user (say Gems of War) to send tens (or millions) of short 140 character messages (say troop updates) to other users (say you) that subscribe to them. That’s it. If you have a cell phone you have everything you need.


I think its meant: “Dont get it” like “I dont intend to download and register on that service”, not like “I dont understand it”.
But very nice explanation of you!


I totaly support Krudlers view of Twitter. I cant explain nor understand the success of Twitter considering that it brought us nothing new and is very limited. Why would anyone chose to get information about GoW from Twitter when we have this forum that’s is, to a level that can’t be compared, better then twitter.