Changes to Cedric's Rewards

i think the spawn rate of verse gnomes is already very high, for me it is around 43%, others tested and say around 45%

So…now it’s only one copy of Cedric from an epic key instead of previous four copies? Nothing about that in the opening post.

(For what it’s worth - 2 Cedric drops from 27 epic keys. Must keep an eye on more key openings.)


Still 1 too many!


Why not just change the gnomes appearing in the vault, each giving specific prizes, such as dragonite gnome giving dragonite, Cedric still throwing Cedrics, The one I can’t remember still giving us random stuff like those minor traitstones… Moar gnomes could be orbsie gnome and book of deedsies gnome…

No! Actually just forget what I said!!! Just had a vision of vault with 4 Cedrics, the nightmare…

I think its time they started adding some of the newer soulforge crafting item like dragonite and cursed runes to the drop table !!!



This means Tarot cards will automatically be added to the Vault Rewards 4 weeks after the event they first appear in has ended.

Has anyone pulled a Queen of Wands yet? Today marks 4 weeks since the Mydnight pass ended.

I am certainly getting a lot higher rate of tarot cards, just not this one yet.

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It’s true it says that, and it’s always been typical in the past that they give us this vague, open-ended release window of months, which was usually forgotten, but it directly conflicts with the information in this more recent thread about changes to Cedric rewards.

With the amount of Cedrics I get from the using vault keys, i’d have thought it was a common troop that I was using gold chest keys on to get. If he was a common and not legendary, I could have made him a mythic 10x over or more.


Just a bump to see if Queen of Wands, The Mydnight King or Dread Captain Grim are in chests yet (as per above question noting it has been 4 weeks)?

I have seen Dread Captain Grim in our guild chat; someone found it two days ago.