Change the order of teams

Well, what the topic says. Just being able to move the two or three most used teams next to each order would make it much easier to switch.


I might have misunderstood you, and if that’s the case I apologize, but can’t you just re-make the teams you use most, in the team-slots next to each other? (i.e. 1# 2# 3#?) it’s not that much effort, and then it’s done once and for all (or well, as long as you use them)

It would be very nice if you can just drag and drop team to change places.

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I agree, but there’s also plenty of QoL things everyone’s waiting for, that would be more welcome than something like this, it is a relatively minor improvement when it comes to quality of life, while it might be tricky from implementing PoV. (that said, I guess for everyone it’s different priorities, regarding which things they’d like to see first heh, also I’m a potato when it comes to programming, so pardon the assumption about difficulty of implementing something)

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It means I would have to note all teams, and recreate them in the order I want… until another troop appears around which I create a team and the whole process starts again. It would be much easier if we could just drag the teams in the desired order.

Especially on mobile it’s a bit more hassle to remake teams in other slots.
Also, I find that such a need for rearrangement would be more frequent than you suspect.