Change the 3D trait from Queen Beetrix and Elementalist please

Queen Beetrix 3d trait must be changed in order to have tha game more balanced;
Elementalist 3d trait must be nerfed, maybe removing the frozen status

You realize that then you’d be steamrolled by Goblins again. Then someone will ask for a nerf of those. And then the next thing and next thing…

Enjoy using both, find a way to counter both.


I still believe that the “fix” for Elementalist isn’t to change his traits – which would create a lot of backlash from the community similar to how it happened when the developers attempted to change Sunspear’s 3rd trait – but to change his Talent trees.

Remove the Elementalist’s access to the Stone tree (Rock Solid, Fortitude) and it becomes much easier to manage an enemy Hero of that class. Because then you can (more) reliably stun an Elementalist Hero and it becomes much less of a “no-brainer” to utilize him in many circumstances. The current paradigm almost requires one to bring a troop that can Curse the Hero in addition to something that might shut it down such as a Stunner.

I don’t PVP often enough to have an eternal hatred of these troops, but if you want some nerfs, here are some ideas:

  • Reduce Elementalists 3rd trait to independent probabilities (75%? 50%?) for each status ailment.
  • Limit Queen Beetrix’s 3rd trait to specific Troop Types only (Beetrix is Wildfolk/Monster or something? Wait, nope, just Wildfolk. Who don’t really need another exclusive trait. Maybe change it to “all OTHER allies” so Beetrix herself can still be affected.)
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