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Change Language in game

I think will be great change Language in game, now I think the game take the language of the xbox, but, for example:
I’m italian, but all the the help, team-build and so on in internet are in english. Then me, and so many other player, have the same problem to recognize the picture of the card and 'cose the name of it is not in english.
It can be an idea :wink:

My friend, I have good news for you. I believe there is an Italian localisation option in the game. This is a screenshot of the language selection screen for PC/mobile. I think you have the same options on XBox, but you will need to check be sure.

Here are the steps you need to complete:

Snip 1

Snip 2

Snip 3

If I am incorrect in understanding your concern, I apologize. I hope this helps.

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Moved to support so they can check @Papa Papa’s excellent post for XBox compatibility to help out @Baoh.


Do you want team build names in English but rest of game in Italian? Goblin Rocket in English instead of Italian name for example. That would be good option. Trait name and spell name too.

Solved, I’m first put in Spanish and the game update in psanish, then i USA and now is in Englis, I don’t know why from italian to USA doesn’t work immediately.