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Change in GW scoring?

Was the formula for scoring Guild Wars tweaked when the new update came out? I have noticed a slight decrease in points using the same team(s) I have been using on a regular basis.

And on the same note, will the formula for scoring gw ever be revealed so players can make teams accordingly?


8 days ago this question was posted.
Since no devs replied to this. I’ll be happy to.

  1. Yes the scoring changed.
  2. Losing a troop in battle now deducts points even if you summon another troop to fill it’s spot.
  3. Doing true damage now deducts even more points than prior to the latest update.

If I’m wrong… Then prove it by telling us exactly how to score in Guild wars… Or how to not lose points. :grin:


I have definitely noticed a lower score for using a team that has a true damage troop. I just used a team that had Khorvash in it and I didn’t lose a single troop through all 5 battles but my final score was only around 9200. A few weeks ago, using the exact same team would have given me around 9350 for not losing a troop.


Seems like the scoring system is set up to encourage us all to use Impervious troops that cast damage.
Except, it seems like you lose points when Scorpius is used as well now.

There are multiple factors that go into your battle score, including the bonus for using the daily color, not losing any troops, but also the number of actions taken in the battle and the ratios of mana collected and damage dealt. Unless you are counting actions and tracking damage and mana extremely closely, I don’t think you can conclude much based on comparing a 150 point difference off of a 7350 point score (removing the 2000 points for 4 unique defense troops). That’s about a 2% difference in total score over 5 battles, which I could easily chalk up to a couple battles taking longer or a few extra drops landing for the AI.

The devs never released a detailed formula and they never will, so tiny differences like this will never be explained.

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Still no reply from the devs

We haven’t touched the GW scoring.


My scores all seem to be in the same ranges they were before. Nothing seems fishy from my view.

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Can it be reviewed to make sure it’s working as “intended” then please?
In theory…

  • Scorpius cast should count as damage for the amount of however much armor/life a troop has left. (If it’s lethal)
  • True Damage after all armor is destroyed. Should count as regular damage.
  • Summoned troops at the end of a match should still count as finishing with 4 troops.
  • True Damage deducted points should not stack. For example…When Draakulis casts the deduction for 4 troops should be the same as a deduction for one troop.

When the scoring system was changed. I believe it was said it would still be reviewed and changed over time.

By saying it hasn’t changed. Is it safe to assume that nothing has been altered with it in over 6 months then?

I don’t believe this is true (at least in terms of how the devs have outlined the scoring - whether you think this is fair or appropriate is a different question). Scorpius kills would be counted the same as devours, which is to say, not at all (other than that they result in you winning the battle in fewer moves).

Why do you think it doesn’t work this way?

I believe this is true, except maybe for troops that are summoned as an enemy is being killed to finish a match (such as when Kerberos summons a Warg when killing an enemy’s final troop). That one I think should count based on what the devs outlined.

I don’t understand what you mean by this one…

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I can confirm this hasn’t changed based on my own experience the last few weeks. I have yet to notice any deductions of points for ending the match with 4 troops after losing any. Perhaps what you’re seeing is due to point loses from mana and/or damage ratios.

Not sure I understand what you’re saying here but if I do understand it correctly, you don’t get deducted points for using true damage. You just don’t gain as many because you didn’t increase your damage ratio by eating up their armor as well as their life.

It does. Damage is damage whether it’s true damage or not. True damage isn’t counted or handled differently in the equation. All that matters is total amount of damage dealt not including insta-kills that aren’t from high damage dealt.

Your Scorpius point I can’t speak to as I haven’t used him in GW.

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