Change element associated with purple color

Experienced players know that each gem color has an element associated with it. Blue = water, yellow = air, red = fire, brown = earth, green = nature, and purple = magic. So we have trait names like Water Brand, Fire Spirit, and Nature Link, and phrases like +1 Magic Mastery (in the kingdom and guild menus). This last is an unfortunate coincidence, because the word “magic” appears elsewhere in the game: the name of what is arguably the most important stat.

This can lead to confusion among new players, since the same word is used to mean two different things in different places. As part of Nimhain’s text overhaul, can we replace the word “magic” as it applies to the color purple? I suggest “Occult”, “Illusion”, or “Mind”. (My first choice would have been “Arcane”, but that word also appears elsewhere in the game text.)

Edit: list of places where “Magic” means something other than the stat

  1. Link, Brand, Heart, and Spirit traits.
  2. Kingdom level menu, mastery bonuses.
  3. Minishroom, and team bonus text.

slides in with an age old angst
The gem currency should of been diamonds but that’s used now. So perhaps Crystals would work as a name instead. Since gems are also the things we match on the boards.


Change diamonds to crystals (best change the pic/icon too) and gems to diamonds… confusion complete for old players xD But more intuitive for new ones.

I don’t get the magic thing… with what is magic confused? I only know one magic, that stat. And kingdoms on certain levels increase it (+1 magic mastery is literal the stat, isn’t it?). An all purple team increases it. etc

… trap sprung?


Magic is also the “element” associated with purple. For example, the Link traits. The trait that gives 1 extra blue mana for blue gem matches is Water link. For purple, it’s Magic Link but it doesn’t confuse anyone since its description is right below the name.

That’s actually where this up the most. Minishroom buffs a “Magic” (purple) team but when newer players first see it, they think it means it buffs the Magic stat.


Yes when pets were first released, i thought the shroom would boost all teams magic so i spent tons of gems to mythic it right away :dizzy_face:

Hey folks, I will be sure to pass this suggestion onto the team! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, that’s indeed badly worded and got addressed several times already because people don’t get it, from the text, when it applies.

Many pets should get a deeper description about the bonus. I wasted gems to boost the souls pet to get +1 soul per pet boost. What a joke.

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