Challenge stays locked after completing questline


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

I was expecting to be able to play all the challenges once I complete the questline… like in every other kingdom.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

That would probably require to intentionally mess up the server… I remember that during the time that I played the quests there were huge server issues - I was getting reconnection screens with the retry button and also some kind of weird errors that said something like: “Cannot complete battle, because another battle is in progress” or something like that. I remember that one the quests I had to complete twice - because the first time I finished the quest I got one of these weird errors and the quest didnt complete, so I had to replay it…
Its more than likely that the quest this thing happened to me was the quest that was supposed to unlock the challenge.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

Sure do… the challenge in question is in Blighted Lands, its called When Dragons Cry… Heres a picture:

I imagine that there might be other people who have the same problem with a different challenge, depending where they got the server issues… In any case, I doubt that there would be a simple solution other than reworking the challenge unlocking system - I mean rewriting it, so that the challenge wont be unlocked by “one-time” reward after completing a quest, but rather everytime you open the challenge it would perform a check whether or not the quest is completed or not… But this type of solution would probably only be necessary if this kept happening on a large scale, so I guess that in this case it might be simpler to just manually unlock the challenge for me or any other people who were affected.


Next time you login that should be fixed.


Holy cow, that was fast…

Thanks very much.

And btw - good job on the update. Iam very happy to see game getting more content and the overall direction its headed seems very promising. I know people will more likely complain about the things they dont like, and Iam sure that reading the forum these days can cause a headage, so heres something for a change:

I love the heroes rework. Classes give you more customization, stats of heroes are in line with ascended troops, the fact that heroes have a kingdom and can have a type from trait is awesome. The magic bonus to certain weapon color promotes variety and experimentation (might require some more weapon balancing down the line, but I like it). The fact you need 250 wins to unlock a weapon - you hit the sweet spot there… If it was like 50 or 100 wins, it would be too easy to get. If it was like 500 wins, it would be a boring grind. This way you can get the weapon in a reasonable amount of time and considering there are many classes, it gives you something to strive for. I especially love what you did with Miner and Tyri… kudos on those changes and I hope we can get more unique abilities like that in the future…

There you go… Just wanted to let you guys know, the work is appreciated.


Same area, slightly different issue. I completed the Blighted Lands quest line but the “Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang” challenge isn’t unlocked.


The challenge should be unlocked next time you login.


Thank you very much!


I have a similar, though not identical issue. I had to play the last battle of the Blighted Lands quest twice because after finishing the first battle the game froze and I had to kill it and restart. But after winning the last battle the second time, I noticed that the last challenge “Devil’s don’t cry” has not unlocked…


That should be fixed.


Hi, my Blighted lands when Dragons cry is locked same as the OP
Appreciate help thanks


I have the same problem with ‘When Dragons Cry’.


I’ve fixed it for you Mannix.

I haven’t for you Tyler as I didn’t have your invite code. Please contact our support team to get that fixed.

Please if anyone else has a request for help with locked challenges, contact our support team.


It is. Thanks! :smiley: