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Chain Flail epic weapon £4.99 SOLVED

So, I have to pay real money for the recently added (5.0) epic weapon which is available FREE to new players via exploring kingdoms ?
I have a feeling these recently added “in game” weapons will NOT be available in the forge.

Can someone clarify ?



The recently added epic weapons are in the forge, but can only be crafted when their event kingdom comes up.

From the wording of their patch notes, the weapons costs real money for new players to obtain.

There’s no savings other than new weapons exist.

This is the offer you get if you haven’t completed the kingdom quest yet and click on explore.

They don’t appear to be obtainable in game other than waiting for the soulforge rotation, so theres no indication of being able to get these weapons for “free”. I crafted last week’s new kingdom weapon in the forge and this week’s (Mace of Ghulvania) is in there now.

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Are you sure Chain Flail is available to new player for free?

Thanks everyone for the above responses :grinning:
My questions have been fully satisfied.
I will wait for it to come in to the forge now :smirk::slight_smile:

funny enough, just realized the title says Chain Flail.

Chain Flail is a very old weapon and is only sold for $4.99/ £4.99 now.

Oh…hang on !
When it flashed up for sale it said I didnt have it.
Now I have gone to the weekly shop it says owned :scream::scream::scream:

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Every single flash offer for a weapon has been for one I could craft. Every. Single. One. This time it was the Adana Quest weapon. Before the Quest weapons it was ALWAYS the one epic weapon I did not craft before it became “craft or cash”. I have about 27 weapons (not counting the quest weapons) unowned, but NONE of them EVER came up in a flash offer.
That HAS to be programmed that way: To offer a craftable weapon above any other weapon. And yet they can’t understand why we feel so many of the Flash Offers are rip-offs…
Would I have spent 5 bucks on the old weapons? Well, there are a handful that are useful. But now, it’s soured me so much I don’t even care.