Centaurs Galore (rate my theory-craft)

Hello beautiful people!

As some (most?) of you might know i love to theory craft on paper, and believe it or not, sometimes i actually try my own teams a bit. But the major thing about theory crafting is being creative (to a certain extend), helping out others with some team-building ideas and getting alot of feedback on fine-tuning certain teams.

Several days ago i Pulled Artema for a chest and the traits she had caught my interest
All 3 of them shouted only 1 word to me… CENTAUR VANGAURD!
After checking out her spell as well, the most obvious thing came to me: we need more horse-people!

So after spending a semi-medium-long time crafting the team it all came down to this team thriving under a majestic SILVERGLADE BANNER:

Artema (Vanguard) ~Brown/Yellow~

  • +3 to all skills when in 1st position
  • 50% chance skull being true dmg
  • 40% chance dodging skull dmg

This troop is and amazing 1st slot because it has everything. It’s a monstrous tank that is hard to hit and when it retaliates either with skulls or spells, it hit’s like a truck with alote of horsepower!

Herdmaster (Mana/Support) ~Purple/Yellow~

  • All centaurs gain 2 life at start of battle
  • +3 to all skills in 1st position…
  • Gain bonus yellow mana on match

Who needs mountain crusher? Herdmaster got your back!
Supporting all teammates with a life-increase and cleansing them of all status effects while firing his spell is something that leaves mountain crusher in the dust!

Orion (Damage) ~Yellow/Green~

  • Allies gain 2 ATK in PVP
  • Immune to silence
  • 75% chance skull being true dmg

There’s not much to say about this guy (except the fact that the size of his horns might be a compensation for something else of a different size…). His traits don’t really do much for him in this position aside from the silence-immunity. But! When this train starts rolling, it really blows it’s horn!

Oracle Hero (Tank/Support) ~Purple~
Weapon: Staff of Visions

  • All centaurs gain 2 life at start of battle
  • Gain 1 life when ally casts a spell
  • All centaur +2 magic on enemy spellcast

Boost both life and magic to the team with magic being a returning factor. The hero class mostly functions as a back-slot tank keeping the enemy team off Orion’s back (he doens’t like it when people get on his back for riding-purposes…). When using Staff of Visions simply boost the top ally you have for survivability and mana generation.

<<< I hope you guys like my post and thoughts, and if some of you have somefeedback or constructive criticism don’t hesitate and give me all you got! 'Till next time all of you sexy monsters! >>>

I have to make a general note, comments (in one way or another) about bad puns not being appriciated will be ignored. MAY ZUUL’GOTH EAT YOUR SOUL!

This is a Centaur Vanguard:


I’d still put him behind Artema though. Probably.

Unfortunately, you are correct…

I am somehow conviced that the naming of these 2 troops have been swapped
The big guy with his lance and mohawk seems more of an “Artemus” to me imo

A small addition to this particular troop has to be made:
After testing this team out i must say that Orion doesn’t work as well as i would have wanted to be. Astral Spirit works alot better with this build for a number of reasons;

Astral Spirit (Damage) ~Yellow/Blue~

  • Poison/Disease/Death Mark immunity
  • All centaur gain 2 life
  • Starts battle with full mana

Astral Spirit doesn’t block the hero on the purple mana and it’s traits work alot better with this team; It deals moderate to high TRUE damage to the first enemy boosted by gems removed. With it’s ability to remove gems it can get rid of pesky red or green gems that aren’t used what-so-ever and it can do this at the very start of battle due to the empowered trait. If lucky (even a little bit) it can create either a cascade or a 4- or 5-match creating a much better starting position in battle despite how bad the board may seems at first glance. That’s the spirit!