Centaurs - Clipperty Clop

Right, so since obtaining Artema a few weeks back I’ve been playing centaur teams while getting the 250 wins for the Oracle class.

I tried multiple versions of all Centaur teams, whilst keeping Artema, this is the one I’ve found most consistent, though Sun Disk is very close to Yasmine’s Chalice.

When trying Anthea, as a generator she pretty much was only helpful for the opposition! :pensive: So, went back to Herdmaster/Artema for explosions. Would have liked to have tried Warden’s Gauntlets or Mountain Crusher but they’re both blocked. Also, a shame that both the Legendaries don’t really synergise well, though perhaps if I snuck in a skull generator?

I don’t know, I think there is room for inprovement, however I’d like to build around the hero and Artema. Maybe Queen Aurora to keep the equine flavour going? :wink:

Hopefully, the Divinion Fields Mythic is a nice mana generating/team support Centaur, need some more options!!

What do others use if anyone else plays centaurs? :thinking::rofl:


I like Orion, Astral Spirit, Ragnagord, Star Gazer

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I love using the centaur teams.
My favourite is…
Hero Oracle class with staff of visions
Astral spirit.

Plus two purple plus one yellow minus one red banner.

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I gave this a whirl and liked it a lot! Thanks!

I’m going to try out Bul’Tauros instead of Orion. How do you normally use him? As a finisher or to set up a hunters mark? Takes a bit of work and luck to pull that off. I still think all status needs to stay on for at least 5 turns if not permenantly.

I also placed the hero in third spot so if Artema died I had Orion there to trueshot skulls.

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Yes, a bit of that. I use the weapon to self boost and fill, or try to boost orion’s magic.
Its pretty versatile and there’s lots of ways to play it, swapping orion and artema around etc.

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