Celestial Peak - Last Chanche to join before Guild War

You want to find a guild before Guild War? Last Chanche to join us before guild war begins.
We’re bracket 9 at the moment. Do 40k seals every week and all tasks.
Post your invite code below

Some more info:

Celestial Peak has been around since 2015. We’re a casual, but also competitive guild, currently rank 59. Our members enjoy playing Gems of War, but don’t want the game to become a chore, so we keep our requirements low.

Celestial Peak Guild Info & Rules

Minimum requirements:

  • 100 trophies
  • 500 seals
  • daily guild wars participation (demotion if you miss GW more than 1 day of the week)
  • raid boss: 2970 raid boss damage
  • invasion: 39 towers
  • tower of doom: 28 points (that’s dooms + boons, where dooms count for 2 points each)