Celestial Armour or Dragon Armour?

Hi fellow players, just wondering what other peoples opinions are on the two costumes. I cannot decide whether to go for the Dragon Armour or Celestial Armour?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Both are valuable - more players use Dragon over Celestial, as the greater gold boost is probably the better benefit.

I am torn at the moment. Souls are always handy…however a gold boost would be really helpful with contribution to guild tasks.

Souls are only good for one thing, whereas gold is good for all the things. Including, of course, getting souls (via guild tasks admittedly but still).

Dragon armor is also much more rewarding in invades than Celestial.

Most people who have enough gems should get both though - Celestial is good for running through challenges and quests.

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Would get both if I could but currently one or the other. I am starting to sway a bit towards the Dragon Armour because as you said, gold is more versatile…

With Gold now used for Kingdom Leveling - I would recommend Dragon armour initially.

However, you should try & get Celestial after that so that you can don an appropriate suit for challenges/quests & the arena. Without it, leveling your troops will be tough, particularly with the recent changes to the Arena.

Until you have both, I would recommend accumulating gems for armour rather than gem keys/souls/gold etc

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How do you level Kingdoms with gold? That one is new to me, have I missed something or is that a PC thing?

Sorry - had assumed PC/smartphone. Not sure how it is different on other platforms…

If for PS4/XBOX it is the case that you still level troops to improve kingdom level, and if Arena would still give you 800 souls wearing celestial, then I would opt for Celestial and farm, farm, farm, farm souls before the patch comes through.

The 1.08 patch on PC/smartphone have reduced souls in the arena by 50%, while the 150+ troops require another ~3000 souls each to take from level 15 to 20 (about the same as you require to get them all from Level 1 to 15).

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It more flexible than celestial because gold can still be converted into souls but souls cant be converted into gold.

Also much easier to make gold while thing that give lots of souls are limited.

After much debate I decided on the Dragon Armour. The gold boost seemed more versatile and 50% boost for souls too ain’t half bad.