Celebrate Holidays like Sons of Anarchy | Most rewarding guild in the game | X-Mas: 4324 LTs, 20 Mythics!

You are loyal, contribute to, and enjoy your guild. However, does your guild really look after you? Does your guild reward you as much as you deserve.

As we celebrate Christmas at Sons of Anarchy, I think it is time for everyone to think about these questions and reflect on how much they are getting back from their guild. Let me give you an idea.

Sons of Anarchy is the most rewarding guild in the game. We complete an average of 200 LTs weekly, but that’s not how we celebrate. On top of our regular weekly LTs, this week, we are celebrating Christmas. It has only been two days, but it is already a feast for the guild members.

Don’t worry, you DID see it right.
In less than two days, we have completed 1510 LTs! That’s not it: we had to actually tell our members to not donate at once so that it does not potentially break the game’s in-mail system! :smiley: Instead our members donate day-by-day, at most 100-150 LTs at a time. This is what our roster looks like right now.

Once you can bring players like this together, rewards, of course, come naturally.

Yes, you have seen right again. That is 12 Mythics! from LTs just in 2 days.

Well, what are you waiting for? Come and join us by visiting our server or directly messaging to one of the GMs:


Ya’ll need to come to the switch side. Plus thats awesome keep up the amazing plays in your guilds. Rn I’m staying put in a 3 player guild its calm there. If I ever get my phone back I’ll join ya’ll. For now I lurk amoung the nintendo switch.

Very proud to be part of Sons of Anarchy. Great guild for sure with great leaders and great members.

Did I mention that this was just the beginning? Yes, our donations / celebrations don’t end on Monday, or Tuesday. They will continue throughout the week. Why, you ask? Well, becasue we CAN. And because we don’t want to break in-game mail system :smiley:

Almost 2000 LTs

which brought 2 more mythics:

I lost track but my 2IC reminds that this is 13 unique mythics and 1 dupe just from the LTs. Were you ever lucky enough to get so many mythics from LTs in the same week such that you started getting dupes? #anarchy_problems.

How much do your top-earners donate?

In Anarchy, we celebrate with style…

1 member over 500M gold, 9 members over 100M, 13 members over 50M! And the week is just half done! The actual X-mas day is still to come. So, expect more…


What are you waiting for? Join Anarchy and Sons to multiply your rewards! Not ready but want to learn. Join our discord server. All welcome!

Good morning all, getting closer and closer to X-mas and mythics just won’t stop for Anarchy!

2 more mythics today (so far):

Bringing the total mythics of the week to 16 (with 2 dupes). Our server is open to all if you want a closer peak.

Ah, could not update this as much as I wanted to due to ban madness that started mid-week, however, this still requires a proper update.

We finished the week with 4324 !!! LTs. To the best of our knowledge, this is an all-time record. As a result of these 4324 LTs, our guild got 20 !!! Mythics.

I ask one more time: what are you waiting for?

1.2M trophies is a week :wink:

Come and join us, don’t wait!

Yes high amounts this week.

But your numbers do show overall gold to guild.
And if those members have been with you years.
There’s some really low numbers there .

Especially as there high levels over 2000.

I’m level 1378. And have donated 163 million in just over a year. Totally free to play.

People who can’t understand numbers will be impressed with the one week numbers.

But overall numbers for your guild, nothing to boast about.

The last message has nothing to do with gold, it is referring to our trophies. Due to incorrect bans, we had a huge penalty last week and this week it got added back, so, we got an impossible-to-have trophy total this week.

Getting back to gold, although I don’t have solid proof on this, I strongly believe that Anarchy is in the top 3, if not top, in terms of gold donation overall weekly, as well as all the time. You are referring to yourself as donating 163M gold in a week whereas just last week, our guild donated a total of more than 4B (that is 4 billion, not million) gold. We have members donating ~200M gold from time to time (every few months) on top of their regular 10M / week donations.

Unless you are referring to something else, sorry, but our numbers ARE impressing and I am not going to accept a counter-argument here :slight_smile:

I think most of the other wonderful guilds are Chinese or Russian, and I don’t saw them here on the forum, but I guess you estimate is correct, but we can’t check

We can always refer to here:
GoW Guild Rankings (taransworld.com)

I will try to reach out Taran to see whether they have a better ranking for all time.

Hi cronus can i plz join your guild plzzz