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Cedric Sparklesack Amend

With the increase in number of gnomes in the game, and what appears to be more coming, change Cedric’s Ability from ‘Summon 1-3 Bombbots’ to ‘Summon 1-3 random gnomes’.

Naturally they wont trigger pet events etc but makes a bit more sense lore wise than what Cedric currently does?

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Unrelated, but I was surprised to get the daily task: win battles with 3 unique gnomes.

I was low on choices!

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Wow that must have been a difficult one to complete haha - I hope the rewards were decent!

I just did explores on normal.

Wouldn’t this create ability to farm gnomes over and over in vault battles? Don’t think the devs will ever do that…

I’d imagine the new gnomes summoned won’t have the sacks. That’s probably what they would do.