Cedric medal nerf vote 2

Let’s do a votum to see/show what most people want. Everyone who likes the Cedric medal as it is now with the nerf (10% CLEANSE FOR EACH TROOP EACH TURN) should like this topic. If you liked the old medal (40% CLEANSE FOR EACH TROOP EACH TURN) go to the other topic and like this one. Other topic: Cedric medal nerf vote 1
Let’s see who wins!


We clearly see a winner in the other thread for leaving the old medal as it is and the change made it worse. It’s even so extreme that this post got flagged as people not liking the change!

why cant this work as a vote in one thread? i dont think “likes” are intended to be used this way


I honestly didn’t know any other way like the one I saw in the other thread with the vote. Sorry not really good in the forum functions