Cedric cheater

Cedric S. can not be targeted by spells,
Why is it silenced by Satir M??? :face_with_monocle:
It was a poem.

Cedric cheater

Cedric’s Stealthy means that the opponent can’t choose to target him with any spell that involves selecting a target. But he can still get hit by spells that affect certain team slots, affect the entire team, or have random targeting. In this case, Satyr Musician always targets the first two enemies, so that’s why your first Cedric got silenced. Working as intended.


It is impossible to win with any kind of Group. I tried even with the same. But that Satyrs hit after each other even with zero mana and hit by spells even if my cards are can not be targeted by spells or immune to silence, does not matter. It is unsolvable at level 3. I gave it up. This is the first one that l gave up since l have been playing it. It is time wasting. And if this is hard like hell, what kind of will be the next ones and even the 10th??? Ouch.

That particular fight might be less hard if you use a different team. Two Cedrics and a Wisp isn’t particularly strong…


Hero using Mang (if you’ve got it), or Golden Cog (I doubt you have Shield of Urskaya, but definitely use that if you do)
Clockwork Sphinx


Thanks for the tip.

I did it I did it I did IIIIT :blush: :blush: :blush:


Also you need to trait your Cedric for the stealthy to be active. But glad you got the quest completed.
Sometimes changing teams is necessary when you hit a wall. Good luck in the rest of your quests.