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Hi there dear Reader,
I am Felix, nice to meet you.
OK, so maybe the Titel is something fishy, you may ask…
Well, yeah it is. Your totally right. BUT, what if I tell you a Story, to pass some time, so take a seat and a cup of Kindness, will ya ?

  • if your in a rush, and most of us are/will be - just skip the next sektion*

All started at 2017…so 3 years after the beginning of Gems of War


There were 2 Bois in a very small village where time seems to flow all so different…
They started looking for a game…
They are Twins - 1 smart and kinda lazy² - and - 1 hardworking but not as smart ³-
(lets call them Bear
³ and Sheep
² for now, ok ?)
They play a lot…
They have , as we all sometimes have had, problems at hand some minor … some bigger…
They were looking for something
They found a match 3 Game - called “Gems of War” -
They started playing the game , not unfamiliar to the GRIND which is a GACHA-GAME
They spend nearly 12 H a day playing
They always caused a little trouble…

Bear find it fun to look for HON
Sheep played Honor + Rowann
They always would spend 1 Million at Hand

Bear was looking for Clues - couldn’t achieve true Goals-
Sheep was still playing Honor and Rowann
Bear was haveing F-U-N
Sheep started to do his first Pokemon Speedrun

They stayed together …
Bear changed his Name
Sheep was getting a Grasp of the Game
Bear stayed up late
Sheep said: EUREKA, I know it now — 42

They started to play PVP more and more
Bear was smashing Skulls
Sheep was taking Time
Bear was gaining Gold
Sheep was screaning HALT…

They were finding Friends
Bear was popular with many
Sheep spend calcing the value of a penny
Bear was Rank 1
Sheep got None

They bested each other a lot… 6:45 , 5:39 , 3;10 (all Traits unlocked for 1 Guildguaidian without haveing ressources )

Bear was Headhunted
Sheep took a Break
Bear took the Fame
Sheep took the Blame

They moved on

They moved on

They found a new Home

Bear was happy
Sheep was happy
Sheep was sad
Bear was sad

They moved on

They took a break

Bear talked with Bloody the Bloodmage
Bear played a LOT
Bear whaled a LOT
Bear played with Bloody
Sheep was watching
Sheep was observing
sheep was commenting
Sheep was mute
Sheep was cheesy
Sheep was shareing his intel

Bear got better at the game
Bloody got better at the Game

They stayed together
Bear and Bloody played a lot
Bear made a Plan
Bear took WR in PVP
Bear took Pride in this
Sheep said : Well done little brother
Sheep was proud of him
Bear was happy
Sheep was happy

They moved on

They moved on

They moved over see

Bear was unhappy
Sheep was unhappy

They moved on

Bear played a LOT
Sheep slept a LOT
Bear made a Plan
Sheep was useing “Helping Hand”
Bear tried another PVP Week
Bear was happy
Sheep was happy

They both were exausted

Sheep made a Plan
Sheep took Time
Sheep was crafting
Sheep was testing
Sheep was wasteing
Sheep came up with a Plan

— Phoenicia came out —

Sheep was takeing aim
Sheep did not see Phoenicia
Sheep shot
Sheep aimed high
Sheep took - unofficial- WR in “most single battles in a single Week” (25k+)
Sheep saw his Team at day
Sheep saw his Team at night
Bear saw his Team at day
Bear saw his Team at night

They took a break

Live hit hard
Live hit right
Live was getting better

Sheep started playing agin with Bear
Bear was happy
Sheep was happy

They live a happy live now , or atleast try to.

OH , your still here ? Oh my , oh my , well…

Hi, I am Felix and most of you will know me by now
as "the brother of Bearmon/Rarity/Freakazoid/Grindbotchan aka Florian "
if not you probaly just started gems a few months ago, which means you will just have to check Taransworld-archive for "why everyone does not adresses me by my name "

  • 09/21/2020 is the Date of his 2. Attempt on Holding WR (taransworld takes data 10 MInutes before reset, so Trivia : Flo made +400 Points and Bloody made - 10 before reset…

500k* # haters gonna hate # no TAS # back seat gameing # EUREKA

The thing is , I am thinking about a “Elite Four” kinda Gamemeachnic , but with RL- Players all over the Glob.

I guess Everyone is familiar by now with Pokemon, and if not , well not my Problem.

The Idea is as followed: at the beginning of a week there will be a set of the “best 4 PVP PLAYERS”

  • selected via Taransworld "most ever earned PVP Points " # No TAS allowed - and they will match the Powerspike of : Lorelei,Bruno,Agatha & LANCE ;
    they will have time to build up a decent amount of PVP points , because they will just out do most of the Playerbase just because they put a LOT of their Time into the Game , so to Balance it out, it will be a -NO PVP- for the 4 of them after Fridays Resettime , so some can try and sneak a W out of 1 or 2 Members.

So to put it short , would anyone like to support this Idea ? Does anyone have some nice Ideas (because I think about theme-Defence-Teams or more Diffecult Defence teams for each member, maybe a mix out of both)
AND maybe a Price-Money for the One who will become "New Poke—Gems of War - Champion !!!

  • The support contacted Flo after his 1. WR and said: Please annouce something this abnormale to us , because of all the reports which been send , because of “TASing,Boting etc.”

Personal send : Pls note, that this will be a “no Deadline” Project from/for me …
just a fair warning , after coaching Flo for nearly 600+ Hours I am confident in my teaching skillzzz and currently traing some youngster under my belt # eat # sleep # sheep

@support , pls take in account that , if some ppl. will be ready , you better grap a drink , because the servers will go down xD

**Thank you for reading
Have a nice day
Hope we will see us agin in PVP (look out for Felix goes baaaaaah)