Casual Spirit looking for new members!

Hello Everyone!

Casual Spirit is a PS4 Level 358 Guild / Rank 174 / Bracket 11. We’ve got 24 members, and are looking for fun and friendly folk to join our family! CS has been around for 3+ years, and we’re a great guild for new players and veterans alike! We don’t have hard requirements, but we want you to be active, contribute what you can weekly, and always participate in Guild Wars. We’re always looking to hit 40K weekly seals, but aren’t shackled to the grind. We understand things can pop up in life. No need to stress it in Casual Spirit! Just keep at it, do your best, and help the guild and each other!

I started playing this game in 2015 and love this team! Hoping you’ll find that our Guild could be the right home for you, even if it’s temporary! I feel like there are many old guilds out there with just a few active players - if you need a new place to get help, or play with some chill people, look no further. Bring your friends! Everyone welcome!

PM me, or reply to this thread, if interested in joining! Thanks!