Casual PvP hbjfcx

Before the patch, I could get any lvl player’s team from lvl 1 to 1000+, Now, I can only grt teams from lvl 400 to 600 for the lowest team no matter how many times I refresh by paying 50 gold.
Was this intentional?
I’m lvl 591 PC Steam

Just like I thought, the devs could care less. I’m finished with this game!

Why is their hero level even important to you? It makes no difference.

I am level 1352 and I am still getting the same as always from bellow level 50 to above 1300, nothing changed

So you started the thread, didn’t ping any devs, waited six hours at a time when the devs (in Australia) were probably asleep, and then throw this hissy fit. Nice style…:sunglasses:


I’m just here to clarify that we haven’t made any changes to the PVP match making algorithm. Also, please be aware that we are a small Australian team, which means our hours might be unusual for people in the northern hemisphere. :slight_smile:


Once again, your struggles with geography emerge. The timezone thing is about where you are located east-west, not north-south. :wink: It’s your upside-down seasons that we have a hard time understanding.